44 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

44 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday – Here is a list of ways you can celebrate your birthday in other ways. #Birthday

44 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

44 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday - Here is a list of ways you can celebrate your birthday in other ways. #Birthday

In 2020, social and physical distancing became a thing due to the COVID-19. Meaning we couldn’t get really close to people. Since I am turning 44, I figured I would make the list count to 44.

  1. Don’t have one! (Not fun)
  2. Birthday parade! (line up cars and have people drive by your home, while you sit at your porch and watch)
  3. Birthday drive-thru! (people drop off gifts via a drive-thru format)
  4. Order Take Out or Delivery! (Or Eat In Some places offer free food or food items for your birthday)
  5. Have a Masked Party! (everyone wears a face mask – not the traditional mask ball type)
  6. Have people mail you gift cards!
  7. Have people mail you greeting cards!
  8. Have people mail you birthday gifts!
  9. Zoom Party! (everyone had cake, ice cream, etc. you all sing Happy Birthday and eat together via Zoom)
  1. Meet outside somewhere
  2. Take a Hike
  3. Go Camping
  4. Go Boating
  5. Go to an amusement park (some of these are still closed or require reservations)
  6. Take a drive
  7. Make a video and share it
  8. Volunteer
  9. Visit a museum
  10. Watch a Movie at home
  11. Create an Outdoor Movie (DIY Outdoor Drive-In)
  12. Get Pampered (Hair Cut, Nails Done, Spa, Massage, etc.)
  13. Penny Date (Let the penny decide)
  1. Have a picnic
  2. Go to the Zoo
  3. Go to the Aquarium
  4. Night Stay in Hotel, Motel, Bed & Breakfast, etc. (or more night stays)
  5. Plan to get greeting cards from a lot of people, shoot for the number of cards for the age the person is. (For example, I am 44, gather up 44 greeting cards from people and hand to the birthday person(s).)
  6. Create a Fundraiser
  7. Go to Church (If your birthday falls on a day you attend worship – don’t skip going because it’s your birthday!)
  8. Treasure Hunt!
  9. Put up balloons everywhere! (Especially outside your home)
  10. Learn a new hobby!

Man this is hard to come up with 44 alternatives in my head. Now to do some cheating and looking up some other ideas. This would be easier if I were younger. I am glad I am not older, that would make a bigger list.

  1. Put Up Yard Signs
  2. Virtual Karaoke Party
  3. Back Yard Karaoke Party
  4. Pot Lock Meal Drop Off (find out what the person likes, don’t bring something they don’t like)
  5. Adopt a Pet (I suggest a cat!)
  6. Actually go to a local Drive-In (Yes there are still these around)
  7. Video Greetings
  8. Play Video Games
  9. Play Board Games (even if it’s a virtual board game)
  10. Create a Photo Album (have friends and family send you pictures to make a family photo album)
  11. Make a Scrapbook Album (This can be done the same way with many items)
  12. Go Shopping

I hope you enjoyed this list of Alternative Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday.

Some of these things may or may not be available to do in your area. Check with your local mandates before doing any. Safety first. Wear a mask where possible, if possible. Wash your hands regularly. Maintain the safe distance.

Not everyone is comfortable as you might be. Respect that. Check out this color bracelet idea for your level of physical distancing.

What are other ways you can celebrate your birthday?

Feel free to share in the comments below. Also feel free to share if you have participated in any of these mentioned birthday alternatives.

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