50+ Places to Hide Kindness Rocks Or Even Find Kindness Rocks

50+ Places to Hide Kindness Rocks Or Even Find Kindness Rocks – This list can work to find kindness rocks too. So check out this list if you want to hide or find kindness rocks.

Below is a list of places to hide Kindness Rocks. You can also find Kindness Rocks here too. You can even great a Kindness Rock Garden somewhere. With a note saying to take one and leave one. Type of thing too. Below is a list of 50+ places you can hide or find kindness rocks.

50+ Places to Hide Kindness Rocks

  1. Libraries
  2. Parks
  3. Restaurants
  4. Retail Stores
  5. Parking Lots
  6. Bus Stops
  7. Air Ports
  8. Train Stations
  9. Benches
  10. Vending Machines
  11. Concession stands
  12. Sporting Events
  13. Church Events
  14. Churches
  15. Community Events
  16. Festivals
  17. Attractions
  18. Tourist areas
  19. Rest Stops
  20. Small Businesses
  21. Gas Stations
  22. Car Washes
  23. Walking Trails
  24. Hiking Trails
  25. Toy Stores
  26. Schools
  27. Zoos
  28. Amusement Parks
  29. Clothing Stores
  30. Downtown Areas
  31. Sidewalks
  32. Playgrounds
  33. Malls
  34. Museums
  35. Mini-Golf Places
  36. Go-Cart Places
  37. Video Game Places
  38. Shopping Centers
  39. Parties
  40. Family Reunions
  41. Camping Places
  42. RV Lots
  43. Swimming Places
  44. Concerts
  45. Circuses
  46. Graduations
  47. Car Rentals
  48. Truck Rentals
  49. Truck Stops
  50. Survivor Shops
  51. Rental Shops
  52. Thrift Stores
  53. Discount Stores
  54. Pretty Much Any Heavy Walking Traffic Places

Make sure you get permission before hiding in public places. Some businesses do not want you to hide them on their property. Don’t hide them inside the store, hide them outside!

Where are other places you can hide them?

Feel free to share in the comments below of places you have hidden or found Kindness Rocks.

Kindness Rocks

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