Free Bible Verses to your phone via SMS

Stack of Bibles

Stack of Bibles

Do you want to get free Bible verses delivered to your phone via SMS (text message)? If so here are some sites or places you can get free Bible Quotes to your phone.

You can get these quotes from a variety of translations of the Bible too. So in a way it is like having a stack of different Bibles.

Having a daily Bible verse sent to your phone can help engage your reading of the Bible more daily. It gave you God’s word and encourage you and/or uplift you.

Below is a small list of sites that give Bible verses either daily or near daily.  If I haven’t listed one that you use, feel free to leave a comment and share with me that site. Also feel free to like this post and/or share it on your favorite social media site.


At this site you register online. You request a key to be sent to your phone. You enter your phone number, provider, and the provided key to register.


4Info can send a daily Bible verse to you.

Text the Word “Bible” to “44636


You must have mobile set up on Twitter. First you need to follow the below Twitter usernames. Then you must allow mobile notifications of those alerts too for those Twitter usernames.



iOS Apps

On another note, I did make a post for iOS Christian Apps. Check out that post too.

Please comment with others you use that’s not listed!

Is there any other services like the above that I should add to this list? If so please share that as a comment. I would to hear from you , so I can have more added to this list.



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  1. The article provided in this blog is nice to read, it is too fine because related to god and good facility for users phone via sms.

  2. it is my prayer that all will come to know the truth and i know the truth will set them free and be partakers with Christ in Heaven. Thank you all

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