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Crock Pot Bowtie Lasagna

This is as simple as drop and go, for the most part.

Crock Pot Bowtie Lasagna

Use a clean crock pot.

If you have a crock pot liner, then I suggest you use one, because they come in handy to help with easy cleanup.

Pour in your sauces. I use between 2 to 3 jars of marinara sauce or spaghetti sauce. I prefer the

meat or the garlic ones.

Crock Pot Bowtie Lasagna

Crock Pot Bowtie Lasagna

I add in these spices

  • minced garlic
  • garlic powder
  • little salt
  • little pepper
  • parsley
  • oregano

Add in a can or two of diced tomatoes. I’ll use garlic or Italian.

Add in some diced onions.

Then mix in your cooked & drained ground beef and/or ground sausage. Do not add the meat raw.

You can also add in pepperoni.

You now can add in the box a bow tie pasta now uncooked. then let’s set on low for about 4 to 5 hours.

Or you can just let the sauce with the meat and spices cook for the four to five hours. Then boil your noodles as directed. And add them into the sauce. I prefer doing it this way but I take off a few of minutes of the cook time during the noodles and then put it in the sauce and mix.

Then mix in a container of cottage cheese. If you prefer use ricotta cheese or both. I prefer only using cottage cheese.

Add one package of mozzarella cheese or Italian blend. I prefer Italian blended, thin shredded.

Mix well.

Now top with one to two packages of mozzarella cheese on Italian blend cheese on the top. I prefer Italian blended, thin shredded.

I also sprinkle more oregano and parsley on the top of the cheese.

You can also add more pepperoni on the top layer here. The lasagna pictured was made without pepperoni.

Cook back on low again in your crock pot for about 1 hour.

Serving and enjoy.

Of course the spices and the meats are optional depending upon your diet.

Just a side note, July 29 is National Lasagna Day.

What are some add on ideas your comments are welcome.

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