Your Museum Doppelganger

Your Museum Doppelganger – Ever wondered if your portrait is hanging up in a museum anywhere? Now you can find out with this app!

Your Museum Doppelganger

I heard about this on Air1 this morning and also I saw it on Facebook with a local TV station. So I went to see who my Museum Doppelgänger is. First off, what is a Doppelganger. They say a Doppelganger is a look a like. Pretty much your twin as they say. Someone that looks exactly like you! There is an app by Google that uses Facial Recognition to find a museum portrait that looks like you. This has been trending!

I am sure each time you submit a different selfie, it would give you different artwork. I even heard some people are adding going to see the painting on their bucket list.

The Google App is called Google Art and Culture

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Your Museum Doppelganger - Google Art and Culture App #MuseumDoppelganger #Doppelganger

The app gave me four …

I had to scroll down on the app until it popped up to do this. Below are the five matches the Google Art & Culture App Gave me.

A Monk With A Book

A Monk With A Book - Google Art and Culture App #MuseumDoppelganger #Doppelganger

Still think it is funny it shows me as a Monk for my twin. What a beard eh?

This one said a 42% match. This piece of art by Titan is located at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Zelfportret van David Oyens

Zelfportret van David Oyens - Google Art and Culture App #MuseumDoppelganger #Doppelganger

I like the look person at this artwork! This one said it was a 41% match. This artwork by David Oyens is located at the Rijkmuseum.

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Saint Paul

Saint Paul - Google Art and Culture App #MuseumDoppelganger #Doppelganger

Hmm. Saint Paul! It shows 42% match. I think I like that! Paul is one of my most influential men in the Bible. This artwork by Bartolomeo Montagna is located in Museo Poldi Pezzoli.

Portrait of the Painter’s Wife and Children

Portrait of the Painter's Wife and Children - Google Art and Culture App #MuseumDoppelganger #Doppelganger

Ouch a female! This one said my twin is a female. I don’t know how to take that! This one said it was a 37% match. This artwork by Claudi Lorenzale is located at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya – MNAC, Barcelona.

Leo Tolstoy Barefoot

Leo Tolstoy Barefoot - Google Art and Culture App #MuseumDoppelganger #Doppelganger

This one said it was a 37% match. This artwork by Ilya Repin is located at The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

Who was Your Museum Doppelganger?

Please feel free to share in the comments below.

I am sure, each time I would submit a different selfie, it would turn up a different artwork. Plus, I don’t think my preliminary trial was that accurate. I seen other people and their results and was like WOW!

Anywho, do you think any of these look like me?

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    1. LOL Thanks, I was wondering which one looks more like me. I thought it was interesting through it showed a painting of Saint Paul. But, what was most weird is the painter’s wife. Either I look like a woman, or his wife looked like a man. LOL

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