World Snow Day

World Snow Day – a day to take the family out to enjoy the snowy weather. A day to honor that cold weather of snow. #WorldSnowDay #SnowDay

World Snow Day

World Snow Day - a day to take the family out to enjoy the snowy weather.

Snow can be Snow Much Fun when you go out make snow forts and snowmen and share Snowy Day Bible verses with the family.

Snow Day is held January 20th each year. The point is to take the family out in the snow … like to go skiing ⛷, ice skating ⛸ or other outdoor snow activities.

Snow that frozen precipitation. Check your local weather forecast for snow!

That is not always feasible depending on your location. This may be more ideal in Northern States and Countries.

Nonetheless, you can still make a day if it with or without snow. Imagination can come into play if you are in an area without any snow.

Do you get much snow where you live?

Feel free to share about it. Maybe even share what you like the best about snow or the least about snow, including your favorite snow activities. If it’s about snow, share it! I’d like to hear from you my readers.

First published January 18, 2019. Last republished or updated January 18, 2021.

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