Snowy Day Bible Verses

Snowy Day Bible Verses

Snow that white, cold powdery stuff that falls from the sky! If you have snow you may want to sit back, get into the Word of God and look at these Snowy Day Bible Verses.

Snowy Day Bible Verses
Snowy Day Bible Verses

East Tennessee and much of the surrounding states got some good snow fall from the night of January 6, 2017 until early morning January 7, 2017. We got maybe up to a few inches of snow. I remember last year, East Tennessee got a good amount of snowfall on January 20, 2016. It just snowed all day without stopping till late in the afternoon. I believe at my work, I did have to go to work, it was ankle-deep.

If you remember in 2015, most of East Tennessee got a bunch of sleet and ice which brought February 18 with some icy snow. We got more snow again on February 24, 2015. This time the wet snow. So I want to do a blog post on snow and call this Snowy Day Bible Verses. Did you know snow is in the Bible? According to the word “snow” found 25 times in the New King James Version.

I do not have much with these, because I want to encourage you with this snowy day to spend time with the family since school is out due to weather to look these verse up and share with each other what they say. That post shares the basics of the usage of snow. I also encourage you to read a chapter or two before and/or after each of these verses. so you can get a context of what is going on. If you still don’t, then I encourage you to read the whole book. You really do need to read a couple of paragraphs before and after to truly get the context of what is going on, if not in some cases the whole book.

Snowy Day Bible Verses

Jehoiada killed a lion in the middle of a snowy day. See 2 Samuel 23:20 & 1 Chronicles 11:22.

It also talks about leprous being white as snow. See Exodus 4:6, Numbers 12:10, 2 Kings 5:27.

Job 6:16 talks about ice and snow. Plus several times throughout Job, Job talks about snow. See also Job 9:30, Job 24:19, Job 37:6, Job 38:22.

The Bible even talks about us being cleansed white as snow. See Psalm 51:7, Proverbs 31:21.

Even cleansing like Isaiah 1:18 shares …

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool.”

Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool.

Even talking about the weather too. See Psalm 147:16, Psalm 148:8, Proverbs 25:13, Proverbs 26:1, Isaiah 55:10.

The Bible talks about clothing and hair being white as snow too. See Daniel 7:9, Matthew 28:3, Mark 9:3, Revelation 1:14.

See some other mentions of snow. See Psalm 68:14, Jeremiah 18:14, Lamentations 4:7.

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First published February 18, 2015. Last republished December 9, 2018.

Check out these Snowy Day Bible Verses on the word Snow found in the Bible!
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