We should be lifting others up and not tearing them down. This blog post contains 25 words of encouragement. We need to be like Barnabas in the Bible. His name means Son of Encouragement.

Penguin Awareness Day

Penguin Awareness Day -Held annually on January 20. This day helps raise awareness of about the flightless birds whose numbers are dwindling by the day.

Penguin Awareness Day

I honestly belive a penguin is a facinating creation of God.

Penguins are aquatic birds native to the Southern Hemisphere.

I know the Ripley’s Aquarium has a penguin exhibit, including a hatchery to birth new penguins. Granted they aren’t in their native habitat there.

There are 20 known species of penguins.

They can swim around 22 mph (about 35 kilometers per hour).

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