Who really uses online churches?

Who really uses online churches? I share about who uses online church. #OnlineChurch #OnlineChurches

Who really uses online churches?

Who really uses online churches? I share about who uses online church. #OnlineChurch #OnlineChurches

If this prompt came up a few months ago, the response would be much different. But, right now pretty much everyone is handling online churches right now due to the COVID-19 coronavirus causing us to be 6 feet apart no more than 10 people or less in a gathering. That’s forcing most of all churches to go to online church services. So pretty much everyone is unless your church is doing a drive in church service but most of them are also doing online services too.

If a church wasn’t online or broadcasting their services online, I am sure most of all of them are now. That is because with the COVID-19, causing social distancing and physical distancing the church had to be forced to go online.

Yes, I know some churches were already online. My church, True Life Church, was one of them. But there are some in my county that I know that wasn’t until all of this happened.

Many of them are broadcasting casting on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or other platforms including those that allow them to broadcast to many different platforms.

I know some churches are doing Drive-In Church services as well as broadcasting those online too.

So if I had to guess, most of all churches went to doing their services online. If they didn’t, then I am sure others have invited those to their church service that is.

This is the time of technology and social media. We can take advantage of it. Share those sermons online, invite your friends, family, coworkers, etc to watch those services!

Who really uses online churches? I share about who uses online church. #OnlineChurch #OnlineChurches

Celebs? Experts? Chicken Farmers?

Everyone and anyone can watch online church services. It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity, an expert or even a chicken farmer you can watch online church. Anyone can! It doesn’t matter who or what you are. Come as you are, tune into an online Church service!

Flawed people are more interesting

Really everyone of us is flawed and have a sin nature. The cure to that is Jesus Christ. How can we know more about Jesus? Reading our Bible and tuning into Online Church Services! So the online church is also for flawed people. When I say flawed people, I do mean everyone! None of us is without sin! Just saying.

Use one space after a period. Seriously.

Typing has changed since I took keyboard in high school. I actually took it on a typewriter. It was much different. Especially having to do center lines. Counting the characters, centering the type writer, then counting backspace half the distance. Anyone, I also remember back then you use to have to double space after a sentence. That rule no longer applies. You now can single space.

Speaking of space … With that is going on, we have to limit exposure to each other and put space between us. Almost like the double spacing between sentences. However, one thing is true, we do not have to give Jesus space. He will take us as we are. Sick or not sick. He is the one that will touch us no matter what we have or are going through. It is almost like a sentence with no space between the punctuation.

I pity the fool who doesn’t use it

An old catch saying of Mr. T, “I pitty the fool.” Even with the distancing we have in place, we are told to not neglect assembly that even means online services. The good thing is, most of them are put on on social media and you can watch it at your convenience. So there is no excuse!

Without going to church, including online church, we neglect assembly. We neglect sharpening iron. Not only do we need to stay in the Word of God, reading the Bible, we must attend fellow. This can include small groups and meeting with them, even if it is via video meeting.

Is your church doing online services during this time?

If it is or not, please feel free to share in the comments below.

Some churches doing online

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