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We Are (Acoustic) by Kari Jobe Music Video

We Are (Acoustic) by Kari Jobe Music Video

We Are (Acoustic) by Kari Jobe Music Video

This is the Acoustic music video by Kari Jobe. This video is 3:36 in length. This is also the official acoustic music video by Kari Brooke Jobe, Christian Music artist. I believe I read she has been signing since around 2003. She was born in Waco, TX on April 6, 1981.

I know a lot of our female youth at my church really enjoy listening to Kari Jobe. I also enjoy listening to her songs too. That is why I wanted to share with you this song. Some of our youth have even sung some of her songs during our Worship services.

Below are the lyrics to this song of this Acoustic Music video of Kari Jobe. I would have to say this is an official acoustic music video too, it doesn’t state that it is, but it is on Kari Jobe’s YouTube Channel page.


Every secret, every shame
Every fear, every pain
Live inside the dark
But that’s not who we are
We are children of the day

So wake up, sleeper, lift your head
We were meant for more than this
Fight the shadows, conquer death
Make the most of the time we have left

[CHORUS] We are the light of the world
We are the city on a hill
We are the light of the world
We gotta, we gotta, we gotta let the light shine
We are the light of the world
We are the city on a hill
We are the light of the world
We gotta, we gotta, we gotta let the light shine,

let the light shine, let the light shine

We are called to spread the news
To tell the world the simple truth
Jesus came to save, there’s freedom in His name
So let His love break through

[CHORUS – see indented lyrics]

We are the light [x3] So let your light shine brighter
We are the light [x3]

Jesus, you are the light
You are the light [x2] We will lift you high and shine, shine, shine

[CHORUS – see indented lyrics]

We gotta shine, we gotta shine (let the light shine) [4x]

Lyrics by A-Z Lyrics

Light of the World

What a great remembrance that we are the light of the world and we must have our light shine! That light is of course is Jesus Christ. Our light should stand out! The darker the world gets, the brighter the light of Jesus will shine! We must let our light shine boldly too! Shine it high and shine it bright for all of the world to see! Remember Satan cannot blow or distinguish the the light of Christ either!

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Thanks Kari Job for this awesome song that you perform.

Information about Kari Jobe taken from WikiPedia.

Learn more about Kari Jobe at

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