Upside-Down Christmas Tree

Upside-Down Christmas Tree – That’s right you invert the Christmas Tree to where the tree top is on the floor, while the bottom of it is at the top.

Upside-Down Christmas Tree - That's right you invert the Christmas Tree to where the tree top is on the floor, while the bottom of it is at the top.
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Upside-Down Christmas Tree

I saw a blog post on about a Christmas Tree that is upside down. I had to look into this for myself where the author saw one at a Greek Restaurant.

I have never saw one before. I guess that is why I wanted to look more into it and share with my readers. You might also have heard it called Inverted Christmas Tree.

Christian Roots?

Some stories show that it was connected to Saint Boniface in the 700’s of putting a Christmas Tree upside-down. He believed the Christmas Tree was shaped like a triangle and represented the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

According to the legend, Boniface saw a group of pagans worshiping an oak tree, and in response he cut down the tree and in its place grew a fir. Then, Boniface cut down the fir and turned it upside down, using its triangular shape as a way of explaining the Holy Trinity to the pagans.

Good House Keeping

Southern Poland would put a fir upside down and decorate it with fruits and nuts. According to Spruce.

In the 12th Century, it was hung from the ceiling upside-down and decorated.

In the 19th Century it was hung from the rafters upside-down, because where the low cast stayed, no room on the floors for a Christmas Tree.

Here’s the gist: With the widest part of the tree at the top and the narrowest down below, these topsy-turvy trees almost appear to float from the heavens.

Country Living

If you wanted to do one, they say you will need to mount it to the wall or the ceiling with hardware and brackets. Some Christmas Trees are made like that with the stand to fit the tip of the Tree to invert it.

With the smaller point on the bottom, you could put more bigger gifts under the Christmas Tree.

Good House Keeping also notes this is a trending again for people to invert their Christmas Trees when they put them up during Christmas.

However, others think the inverted Christmas Tree is disrespectful or sacrilegious because the tip is not pointing to Heaven. Plus, other say where do you place the Christmas Tree Topper?

People report that the inverted tree hanging from the ceiling does help keep pets such as dogs and cats from running under the Christmas Tree and knocking it over. It can also prevent little hands (child’s hand) from grabbing ornaments.

So the Upside-Down Christmas Tree does have some Christian Roots, as I mentioned above, to explain the Holy Trinity. Who would have known?

Have you seen one?

If you have seen one or put one up. Feel free to share about the experience or anything else.

First published December 16, 2019. Last updated or republished November 30, 2020.

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