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The 6 Panel Door: The Cross & The Bible

The 6 Panel Door: The Cross & The Bible. In 2015, I saw online people sharing about a 6 panel door and how it represents two Christian symbols. This special door known as  a “Cross & Bible Door” or “Christian door.” These doors have been around since the 18th to 19th Century. Then in 2017, I see it has gone around again, so I figured I would republish this article.

The 6 Panel Door: The Cross & The Bible

6 Panel Door (Bible and Cross Door) Cross Door - Bible Door also known as the Christian Door

The Top?

The top part represent a cross. If you look at it, it does look like a cross. See the image above the left door. There is another form if this where it shows it is on the bottom. See the right door in the image above.

The Bottom?

The bottom part represents an open Bible. It kinda of does looks like a book or an Open Bible. The main one says the Open Bible is on the bottom, but there is another one that says the Open Bible is at the top. You can see for yourself in this illustration image above. 

A Myth?

What is circulation around about the 6 panel door is a myth. It wasn’t made to represent anything. People just made it up to say that it did. They are saying this door was made in colonial America and the makers of the door had Christian roots. From what I can tell this is a legend or a myth. It was just how they made these doors.

Others Say?

Even a local church, Faith Promise, believes this door is real or could be real. Faith Promise (Knoxville, TN church) said on their blog “It should be a reminder to put God first in our life.” The Worthington Historical Society says, “The cross members provided extra support to the door and did not signify religious belief.” Despite this is a myth, it can be a fun and a good way to let it remind you of the Cross and the Open Bible. The Cross that Jesus died on the Cross for our sins and the Open Bible to remind us we must stay in His Word and Read!

Feel free to click on these footnotes and references below and see what they say about the 6 Panel Door, The Cross & Bible Door or the Christian Door.

Footnotes & References:

History Myths Debunked

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Faith Promise Church

Worthington Historical Society

First Published August 26, 2015. Last updated or published September 18, 2017.

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