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Skillet, is a Christian Rock band. Recently Skillet got a lot of heat about dropping the word “Christian” from there genre title. They said it was because they do also reach out to those that are not saved. Perhaps those who are unsaved would listen to them and come to Christ because of what they hear. I do not agree with them dropping that off of their genre.

Skillet Music was formed in Memphis, TN in 1996. Which consist of John Cooper, Korey Cooper, Jen Ledger, & Seth Morrison. John Cooper is the only original band member since the start. Billy Graham even hosted Skillet. I know that Billy Graham wouldn’t allow a band to play at any event he ran if they don’t lift Christ up as a band. Skillet is one of the most popular Christian Rock bands today. I have got to see Skillet perform twice now. Once at Xtreme Winter (2013) and the other at Winter Jam (2015).

Like some of their songs

  • Monster: about putting on a different face.
  • Last Night: about struggle with suicide
  • American Noise: about all the stuff we listen to, what do we decide to listen to
  • Lucy: the guilt a couple faced after having an abortion
  • Hero: talks about needing someone to save them, that hero saves them just in time.

Also check out Welcome to the Freak Show and Circus for the Psycho.

There are many more songs they sing that have life lessons in them. Sometimes we also need life lessons. Most of them life lessons we learn have a core backing of the Bible.

At Winter Jam 2015, John Cooper was more vocal about sharing his faith, even saying that we cannot be ashamed of Christ. I know that most of all of their songs do not have the gospel in it, but they do sing about problems that we all face and those songs help to lift other people up and offer encouragement. I do question one thing, if he is saying he is not ashamed of Christ and asking others to not be ashamed, then why drop “Christian” off your genre. But at least Skillet still offers hope and encouragement.

Did you know one of John Coopers favorite Christian Bands growing up is Petra? Petra has been around for over 40 years now and John Cooper will be 40 years old this year, 2015.

I did notice that Skillet seemed to copy Newsboys by having a Drum Coaster.

It was neat to see all the bands play with Skillet at Winter Jam 2015 on the song Monster. I know for sure Jeremy Camp and For King and Country was out there.

People once they learn it is a Skillet will look the song up and find out the meaning. That then could cause them to listen to more, research more and find stories and interviews with the band or John Cooper. Then maybe that will lead that person to Christ and them to start to study the Bible.

Just because the Gospel is not directly into the songs doesn’t mean they are not singing for God. After all, all we do we must do it for the Lord (Colossians 3:17 & Colossians 3:23). They seem to be doing it for the Lord. Remember it is a heart condition. Where is your heart when you sing?  Where is your heart when you do anything for the Lord? Maybe sometimes the way to win a person to Christ isn’t a direct approach but maybe an indirect approach. The point is we reach the lost at all cost. Some people it may take the hit you in the face Jesus Gospel and other times it may take the subtle indirect point to Jesus. As long as it points to Jesus! However, they should try to point to Jesus in their songs.

Remember if they are saying they want to play Christian Music, they are held to a higher standard, just like a pastor, youth leader, Sunday School Teacher etc.

Remember your children or even you could listen to worse, there are a lot of bad secular music out there. A lot that talk about how good it is to drink, do drugs, have sex etc. Skillet is not like that. They talk about life and we all go through the same thing. They offer encouragement to people that listen. The Bible does tell us we must encourage one other (1 Thessalonians 5:11 & Hebrews 3:13). Plus Skillet puts out good and clean rock music. Granted you may have to go to a live show or find an interview or meaning of the song to get the Christian aspect of it.

Most of the time when bands are under “Christian” genre it often can mean that all the band members are professing Christians.

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