Read through the Bible Plan

Read through the Bible Plan – a YouVersion Bible App reading plan that will allow you to read the whole bible in one year. #YouVersion #Bible

Read through the Bible Plan

Read through the Bible Plan - a YouVersion Bible App reading plan that will allow you to read the whole bible in one year. #YouVersion #Bible

I share about my experience in using the YouVersion app with the read through the Bible reading plan. This reading plan is the one from Genesis to Revelation.

Learn about this plan at

I Started toward the end of May 2020, I wanted to share, I think using the app over holding a hand held Bible, has actually kept me on track on reading. I like opening the Bible App and it showing my readingo streak. It may sound bad to say, but the app helped me to me more accountable on making sure I read God’s Word.

Read through the Bible Plan - a YouVersion Bible App reading plan that will allow you to read the whole bible in one year. #YouVersion

Well, we all can say 2020 was a crazy year. Still no excuse not to read God’s Word, but I did slack and forget to read. But that is why I also like the Catch me up. It will bring me to today and adjust the rest. It also changes your start date, Day 1 doing that.

You can click on catch me up and it auto shifts your dates to catch you up. It will make the date look like you started on another date. I started this on May 27, it shows May 29 now with the Catch me up, as an example of missing this plan reading for 2 days.

Just note, it does seem to jump sometimes on reading. For example I start reading next area to read and get it done and go back to look at check list and it skipped a day unread. Some kind of glitch I think, but I then would go back and read those passages too.

You usually read 3-4 chapters of Old Testament and 1 chapter of the New Testament each day

Just prior to this Full Bible Reading Plan, I did a 60 Day New Testament plan. It went through the whole New Testament in 60 Days. Yes! This Full Plan does do the New Testament and the Old Testament too.

Bible Gateway has reading plans, but I am not sure how they work. I know with YouVersion, you can invite others to do the plan with you and you can do a form of discussion via the YouVersion App.

I had a 194 day reading streak and then one morning I missed a day. My streak was over. But, we can still pick up and keep going even if we miss a day or more.

This blog post, I wrote as I did this plan and waited until finished to publish. I would add bits and pieces to this post then. Since, I am now finished with this one, I finalized this post in some kind of order and also published it. (So this post was a work in progress too.)

It’s now January 6, 2021 (Day 174 of my reading plan) and I’m still doing the reading plan. Yes, I still have missed some days here and there. It now shows July 17, 2020 as my start date with the catch me up, when I started May 27th.

September 5, 2021 and now I’m finished and I look back at my start date it shows as if I started September 6, 2020, when I started in May 27, 2020. Just over 3 months longer than a year but it’s all good. I can now say I’ve read the whole Bible.

This is a 366 day reading plan. Which took me 466 days. So like 100 days I missed with in that year.

But we should just say I’ve read the whole Bible but to study what it says not merely just read it. So it’s okay to take longer than a year or even longer than stated on a reading plan to actually study what’s written.

Yes, I admit with this whole Bible reading plan I did mostly just read it.

If I wanted to catch up more, I’m sure I could read more than one days worth, say 2-3 days in one setting, but we should read to understand, not to say we read.

I’m glad God doesn’t give us according to the time we give Him. Yes, life happens, but we still need to make time for him. Maybe we get up a little earlier than normal to spend time with Him in reading, studying and prayer. Or even stay up later and do it then.

Even if I did my reading plan for the day, the YouVersion App will still tell me I haven’t read the verse of the day or remind you about the verse of the day.

I like that you can change the font size on Bible reading. I also like that you can highlight verses, you can also add notes to verses, and you can copy verses and share them on social media or even blog post. Not to mention also make graphics of verses to share too.

I might try to do the full Bible again but doing the chronological one. That simply means just basically any order of events happening. So it will jump around some but it would make it in order of events.

You can Start this Reading Plan:

Despite I completed this whole plan plan, the YouVersion app didn’t seem to give me the completed whole Bible plan badge under badges earned.

Not sure when it got added but on the 12th i noticed the badge was on my account. I did also contact support the same day I completed and was told they have had a few others had that happen.

YouVersion whole Bible badge

Have you read through the full Bible?

If you’ve read through the full Bible feel free to share about if you read it through a handheld Bible or you use an app and let me know about your experience thank you.

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