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Rainbow baby – What exactly is that?

What is a rainbow baby? When we think of a rainbow we know about God’s Covenant (Click to read that article). There are also twisted versions of what a rainbow is or means too.

Rainbow baby – What exactly is that?

In September 2016, I learned another usage, called a rainbow baby. I saw it on Facebook with a woman that said she was carrying a rainbow. I wasn’t sure what she was implying by this shirt.

Photo credit: Courtney Mixon - Autumn Safley wears this Rainbow Baby shirt that says "you're looking at a rainbow!"

Photo credit: Courtney Mixon – Autumn Safley wears this Rainbow Baby shirt that says “you’re looking at a rainbow!”


I kept seeing this photo of this woman with this shirt that says, “You’re looking at a rainbow!”. I was like what? It wasn’t until I looked into this story that I found out Courtney Mixon met pregnant Autumn Safley at her local Hobby Lobby and took this picture.

Safley was reluctant to wear the shirt, as she said her husband said not many people would understand what it meant. Rightfully so, I didn’t either. I guess you can say I casted a form of judgment, as many other people have. My thought were are they already planned for their baby to be either gay or she was gay having a baby she would raise in a same-sex relationship. Lord, please forgive me for that.

Usually it is taboo to talk about having a miscarriage. But this idea, is for woman and and even the men, to be able to speak up about their grief of the loss they had to go through and the new promise of a new bundle of join that God will soon provide for them.

What is a Rainbow Baby?

So I wanted to do some digging to see what this is all about. I guess you can say I was relieved to know that in this case the rainbow wasn’t used in a twisted manner, but a way to offer hope to people on a new beginning on having a family after attempts of not able to fully carry a baby full term or losing a baby.

A rainbow baby is a child born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. The term has encouraged parents to share their stories of loss – and the babies that followed.People.com

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  1. Kati Collins says:

    I’ve seen this story and have heard the term rainbow baby before gives me hope after having misscarried years ago.

    1. Thanks for the comment Kati. Continue to seek God’s will in all that you do.

  2. My rainbow baby left for boot camp almost 2 weeks ago. Don’t blink.
    Shecki @ Greatly Blessed recently posted…Our Week with 3 Field Trips and a BirthdayMy Profile

    1. Awesome thanks for their service to our country. Yes, kids grow up way too fast. Thanks for the comment.

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