Meet People Where They Are

Meet People Where They Are – That involves us going out to share and give our time to people we come in contact with on a daily basis and share the gospel to them.

True Life Church, where I am a member of, they believe in …

“Meeting people where they are and helping them to become fully devoted followers of Christ.”

True Life Church, Jefferson City, TN

We are ALL called to share the gospel. I know we all get caught up in our daily thing called life, work, school, family, etc. But, nonetheless we must GO! That includes me. I am not excluded in this.

Meet People Where They Are - That involves talking to share to people we come in contact with on a daily basis and share the gospel to them.
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This is part of the Great Commission. Not sure how, just talk to a person and let the Holy Spirit be your guide. You can even use gospel tracts and hand them out. That is very simple!

Even handing out those gospel tracts is meeting people where they are. Everyone we come in contact with each day is a person we can witness to. It doesn’t matter if we think they are saved or not.

We have to remember it is the Holy Spirit that saves them, not us. We just have to share the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ with them. Once they are saved, we need to make sure they find a Bible Believing, Bible Preaching church that will disciple them.

Discipleship is very important! That is why being in fellowship with one another is important like attending church and small group/Sunday School.

Meeting the people where they are is not waiting for them to come to you! It is you going to them. Serving them! Sharing the love of Christ to them!

If you don’t know an answer, it is okay to admit that and tell them, that you can get back to them on it. It is better to do that, than to make up something.

Just think of the people we come in contact with each day. People at our workplace, school, travels and even places where we do business with in buying things, etc. (Restaurants, Fast Food, Retail Stores, Grocery Stores, Etc.)

Ask God to show you someone you need to share the gospel to. Let’s get Bold!

We all have a testimony. We can share that! What our life was like before Christ and what our life is like now with Christ. Not to mention, what our future will be like with Christ.

Maybe even share about things they like and relate it to the gospel. Don’t bore them with things you like and they don’t. Take the time to get to know them. Don’t rush it either!

I have blogged a lot about witnessing, evangelism, etc. So there is a lot on this blog. I have shared some of the links in this blog post. I will try to share some more below.

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Part of meeting people where they are is helping them by serving them. We can do even the littlest thing for them. Serving them can show the love of Christ. This involves us taking our time and giving that to someone else to do something for them.

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  1. Totally agree! I also think that if at all possible, you can be that person to start a small group of discipleship rather than leaving it up to the church where sometimes people get lost and looked over, especially in bigger churches. Great read! Thank you for this reminder!

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