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Quarter on Ice Life Hack

Quarter on Ice Life Hack. Emergency Preparedness is important. This life hack will let you know if your food thawed and then refroze, saving you from possibly eating bad food.

Quarter on Ice Life Hack

This is a great life hack to test to see if your food thawed or not while you were on vacation, the power has been out or the freezer went out. This is something you need in your freezer at all times. Way before you go on vacation, a hurricane hits, or even bad storms. We can have power outages for unknown reasons too. So make sure you have this Quarter on Ice Life Hack in your freezer. Start it tonight!

Quarter on Ice Life Hack

Items needed

  • Freezer
  • Small Cup or bowl
  • Water
  • Quarter or other coin


  1. Fill a small Cup or bowl with water.
  2. Put in freezer.
  3. Allow to complete freeze.
  4. Place a quarter or other coin, recommended to use a quarter.
  5. Keep in freezer at all times


The purpose of the Quarter on Ice Life Hack it to test to see if your food thawed and refroze. Say you had a hurricane or bad weather that knocked your power out for a short time or even a long period of time. Maybe you went on vacation and lost power or your freezer went out. This life hack can help you tell if your food might be still good to eat, by telling you if your food thawed and refroze.

Quarter on Top

If the quarter is on the top, that is a sign that the power wasn’t out long enough to damage or thaw any food. Generally speaking, the food should still be safe.

Quarter in the Middle

If the quarter is in the middle, that is a sign you did lose power for a short while. The food may have got cold, but more than likely never thawed. Still some discernment is needed on the food in the freezer here.

Quarter on the Bottom

If the quarter is on the bottom or near the bottom, that is a sign your food thawed due to your power being out for a long period of time, or if the power wasn’t out, your freezer stopped working. If you see it at the bottom, it is advised you throw that food out and not eat. That food can be spoiled and can cause food born illnesses.

When In Doubt

However, there is an old saying, “When in doubt, throw it out!” That saying is very true. If you doubt the safety of the food, then throw it out. It is better to toss it and replace it than chance eating it.

I am no means an expert at this, this is just a hack I have always heard and wanted to share with my readers.



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