North Pole – Did you know?

North Pole – Did you know? While it might be synonymous with Santa Claus and cold weather, the North Pole is actually much warmer than the South Pole.

North Pole – Did you know?

North Pole

That’s because it sits at a lower elevation than the South Pole, and it is located in the middle of an ocean. The South Pole, is located on the continent of Antarctica, which is covered in ice. But Santa fans mulling a trip to the North Pole to visit jolly old St. Nick might want to think otherwise, as temperatures at the North Pole are less than welcoming. Summertime temperatures at the North Pole, hover right at the freezing point. In addition, because of the way Earth rotates, it only experiences just one sunrise and one sunset each year.

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However, because the sun is always above the horizon in the summer and below the horizon in the winter, the North Pole actually experiences 24 hours of sunlight in summer and zero hours of sunlight in the winter. While children in North America know this place as the home to Santa Claus, that’s a relatively recent addition to the legend of Santa Claus, a story that some historians suggest traces its origins all the way back to the third century. Historians credit famed 19th century caricaturist and editorial cartoonist Thomas Nast with being the first to link Santa Claus and his workshop to the North Pole. However, many Nordic countries continue to say Santa Claus lives in their territories.

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Two North Poles?

There are actually two North Poles. The first is the Geographic North Pole, which is, literally, the topmost point of the planet. The other is the North Magnetic Pole, which moves around on a daily basis depending on what’s happening with the earth’s magnetic field.Compasses point to the North Magnetic Pole.

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Other Fun Facts

Something to think about too, if you are on the true North Pole, no matter what direction you point at, it will always point South. The opposite applies if you were on the true South Pole. All directions you point at would face North.

According to AccuWeather, the sea ice that surrounds the North Pole is typically between 6’7″ and 9’10” thick and is also located in the Arctic Ocean waters that are permanent covered in shifty sea ice.

The North Pole is defined at geodetic latitude 90° North.

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