National Maple Syrup Day

National Maple Syrup Day. A yummy natural syrup made from Maple Trees has it’s own holiday. #MapleSyrupDay

Maple Syrup Day #MapleSyrupDay

National Maple Syrup Day

My daughter, Amber got to go to a maple syrup farm when we lived in Gaylord, MI. She was very young, around six years old then. I prefer maple syrup over the fake syrups you can buy in the store, however you do pay more for it.

This day is held annually on December 17th. It is unsure when this holiday started.

I love to eat French Toast, Pancakes and Waffles. However, I would say French Toast is my favorite! Followed by waffles.

Even Cracker Barrel, gives you a tiny glass jar of maple syrup. By the way, they have yummy French Toast. They even have one that is seasonal, a cinnamon streusel french toast. However, that seasonal one doesn’t have the maple syrup on it. It has a cinnamon sugar and icing on it.

How to make Maple Syrup

Made from the xylem sap of a maple tree. There are several types of Maples Trees they can use (Sugar Maple, Red Maple or Black Maple Tree). TapMyTrees tells us. “To make maple syrup, the excess water is boiled from the sap. It takes 40 parts maple sap to make 1 part maple syrup (10 gallons sap to make 1 quart syrup). Because of the large quantity of steam generated by boiling sap, it is not recommended to boil indoors.”

Facts about Maple Syrup

  • A maple syrup production farm is called a sugarbush or a sugarwood.
  • Sap is boiled in a sugar house which is also known as a sugar shack, sugar shanty or a cabane à sucre.
  • Been around since the early 1600’s.
  • Up until the 1930s the United States led in maple syrup production, now Canada is the world’s largest maple syrup producer.
  • Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States.
  • Usually an amber (light brownish) color.
  • Made from the xylem sap of a sugar maple, red maple, or black maple tree.
  • It takes 30-50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple.
  • Maple syrup can also be boiled down to produce maple cream, maple sugar, and maple sugar candy.
  • Around 5 Million Gallons are produced each year.

One of my favorite Christmas Movies, Elf, Buddy the Elf loves Maple Syrup.

First published November 29, 2017. Last updated or republished December 14, 2020.

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