Top 15 Christmas Movies

Top 15 Christmas Movies. This is a list of my favorite Christmas movies that I would recommend you watching. Did your favorite Christmas movie make my list?

Top 15 Christmas Movies

Top 15 Christmas Movies. Did your favorite Christmas movie make my list?
  1. Mickey’s Christmas Carol
  2. The Muppet Christmas Carol
  3. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  4. Elf
  5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (The Jim Carey, Original Cartoon & The 2018 Version)
    • I will have to say the new 2018 version is the best of all three!
  6. The Santa Clause Movies 1, 2 & 3 (This is the One with Tim Allen)
  7. The Polar Express
  8. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
  9. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys
  10. Last Ounce of Courage
  11. Christmas Shoes
  12. It’s A Wonderful Life
  13. Frosty the Snowman
  14. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  15. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

Yes, a lot of these are cartoon (animated), but I am still a big Kid! My list is in particular order either.

Check out this scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas where Linus shares the truth about Christmas. Notice what he does … He drops his security blanket!

My all time favorite is Mickey’s Christmas Carol!

What Christmas Movies do you like to watch?

It’s A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story tie for first place in polls!

Feel free to share in the comments below.

First published December 5, 2017. Last updated or republished December 17, 2019.

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