The Bible Slide A Christian Cha-Cha Slide

The Bible Slide A Christian Cha-Cha Slide A Christian version of the Cha Cha Slide. #ChaChaSlide #BibleSlide #ChristianSlide

The Bible Slide A Christian Cha-Cha Slide

This video was posted on YouTube in 2012. I am sharing it with you all.

Bible Slide Lyrics

Hey Y’all
This right here’s the Bible Slide
Featuring the Freedom Band
And This Time We’re about to get
Everybody clap your hands
Clap, Clap, Clap your hands
Alright we about to have some

Spiritual Milk
To the Left
Take a step of faith
Pray once this time
on the devil lets stomp
on temptation lets stomp
Bible Slide Real Smooth
Now Praise and Shout
To the right take a step of faith
Jump out the boat
Right foot let’s go
Left foot let’s go
Bible slide now y’all
Now it’s time to get holy
Get right now
To the Left
Take it to the grave
And see it resurrect
Come alive this time
Right fist two pumps
Left fist two pumps
Don’t look to the left
Don’t look to the right
It’s just a move

Let’s win the lost
Go Left
Take His Kingdom back now y’all
Two Souls this time
Two Souls this time
Right fist two pumps
Left fist two pumps
Pray on your knees
Get Holy with it
Aaaaoooohhhhhh yeahhhhhh
Come on Bible Slide now y’all
Turn them down
The harvest is ready
Take ’em back now y’all
Five souls this time
On principalities let’s stomp
ON the bondage let’s stomp
They’re not your friends
The devil’s not your friend
On the Devil let’s stomp
On temptation Let’s stomp
Everybody Raise your hands
Come on y’all
Pray it out
How long can you go
Can you go down low
Drop your knees to the floor
How low can you go
He can bring you to the top
He can raise your face up
He can bring you to the top
One hop
Right foot now
walk it out now y’all
Bible Slide real smooth
Turn the Devil down
To the right
Take His Kingdom back now y’all
Don’t fall this time
Win Win
Don’t look to the left
Don’t look to the right
Shake off the dust arise
Win Win
Win Win
He’s your friend
He’s coming back again
Don’t be fooled now you y’all
He’s coming back again
To the left
Take His Kingdom Back now y’all
The Lost The Lost
The Cross The Cross
He’s Alive Let’s Jump
He’s Alive Let’s Jump
Right Fist let’s pump
Left Fist Let’s pump
His Kingdom Come
His Will Be Done
Don’t slide to the right
Don’t slide to the left
Take His people back now y’all
Bible Slide Now
Turn the devil down
Jesus wins every round
Stand firm now
Proclaim now y’all
Pray it out
Bring Him Out
Praise and Shout

Words by: Matt Tucker, Tammy Shay and Abel Ligon. Dancers: Matt, Abel, Jori, Tina, Reggie, Nicole. Resound247

What do you think?

What do you think about this version of the Cha-Cha Slide? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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