More of God or More From God Church Sign

More of God or More From God Church Sign – This church sign ask a good question to people.

More of God or More From God Church Sign

Parkway Ministries in Corbin, KY had this church sign up around October 2017. They ask a good question on their church sign. This weeks Church Sign Saturday is below. This photo was taken by Heather of SimplySpokn. (my wife)

Do you want More of God or More From God. Parkway Ministries Corbin, KY Church Sign

The church sign ask …

Do you want More of God or More From God?

Do you want more of God? Do you want more from God?

Do you want to be surrounded by the things of God and be in His presence? Or are you wanting God to give you stuff? This comes down to are you seeking God’s will or your own will? Are you being selfish? Do you want to learn more about God? This question can involve some soul searching.

More of God?

Are we learning more about God and His Word? Are we studying the Bible? How about praying? Even being in fellowship with one another. Are we seeking after the things of God?

More from God?

Are we asking God for stuff? Maybe telling God what to do?


If we admit it honestly, I am sure most of us can say at at times we want both more of God and more from God.


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