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Firefighters Mother’s Day

Firefighters Mother’s Day – Here’s a creative Mother’s Day from the fire department – they use firefighting equipment to spell out Happy Mother’s Day. #MothersDay

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Mother’s Day was Invented in Kentucky

Mother’s Day was Invented in Kentucky #MothersDay

Mother's Day
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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day: A Special greeting for all the moms, Bible verses on “Mother” & a list of all blog entries pertaining to mom. #MothersDay #Moms

Military Spouse Appreciation Day
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Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Military Spouse Appreciation Day – a day to show appreciation & to show appreciation for the sacrifices of military spouses. They have to make sacrifices while the other one is gone serving our country on active duty. #MilitarySpouseAppreciationDay

Happy Mother's Day Miltary Style
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Happy Mother’s Day Military Style

Mother’s Day Military Style – Check out how these military soldiers, men and women in uniform wish their mom a Happy Mother’s Day, this is totally awesome too! #MothersDay

Names for Mom
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Names for Mom Printable

Names for Mom – This is a complied list of the names we call our mother like mom, mommy, etc. Happy Mother’s Day! Includes a free printable version! #MothersDay #Mom #Mother

A Mother's Day Poem from the Cat #MothersDay
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A Mother’s Day Poem from the Cat

A Mother’s Day Poem from the Cat – a poem written by the cat to the cat mom. A great poem for moms who have a cat as their furever child. #MothersDay

Mom Goggles | Skit Guys
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Mom Goggles & Mom Goggles 2 | Skit Guys

Mom Goggles & Mom Googles 2, two skit guy videos because dad’s don’t always see things the way mom does. Happy Mother’s Day from Skit Guys and Courageous Christian Father.

Unforgettable Mother's Day Delivery
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An Unforgettable Mother’s Day Delivery

Check out Ryan’s story and his unforgettable Mother’s Day delivery. Find out what he sent his mom for Mother’s Day and listen to his story.

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The Messy Life of A Mom

CHeck out this video aboutThe Messy Life of A Mom a video to honor mothers by Igniter Media. Happy Mother’s Day! #MothersDay

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Mother’s Day Finger Puzzle Printable

Mother’s Day Finger Puzzle Printable – Here is a free finger puzzle printable just for Mother’s Day! #MothersDay

Mother Acronym
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Mother Acronym Printable

Mother Acronym – This is my acronym poem for the word Mother. Wishing all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day! Includes a Free Printable Version! #Mother #MothersDay #Mother #MotherAcronym #MotherAcrostic

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Share The Love of God to your Servers

Food servers are among some of the hardest working employees in the food service industry, but sometimes their efforts go unrecognized. Here are some tips can often help show the love of God to your servers.

Honor your Father
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Honor your Father

The Bible tells us we are to honor your father and your mother. Check out this video with Kirk Cameron for the Fatherhood Commission.

Kids Find Their Mom Blindfolded
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Kids Find Their Mom Blindfolded

A moving commercial where kids are finding their moms while the child is blindfolded, called The Unique Connection.