Let it Snow – Shawn McDonald

Let it Snow – Shawn McDonald

Let it Snow – Shawn McDonald

This is Shawn McDonald performing the Christmas Song, Let It Snow, for the Air1 Studio, so this is an acoustic version of the popular Christmas Song.

Shawn McDonald is a Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Artist. He was born September 4, 1977 and is from Eugene, OR. He has been in the Christian Music business since around 2000. His real name is Shawn Michael McDonald.

During Christmas time we think about snow and some people want it to snow, especially on Christmas to have a White Christmas. So people will sing this song, Let it snow! We also know the south rarely gets snow, if we get snow it almost shuts down the town. Those up in the Northern States are use to the snow. Nothing really shuts down for snow up there, since they are use to it during the winter season.

Did you know there is mention of snow in the Bible? You might want to check it out. I did a blog post about that. Check out these Snowy Day Bible Verses.

At this time of posting, I do not have the lyrics to this song that Shawn McDonald done. If you have the lyrics or know where I can get them, please feel free to share, so I can add them to this video.

You can learn more about Shawn McDonald at shawnmcdonaldmusic.com

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