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Jesus died for a reason - This church sign from Jefferson City Assembly of God tells you why Jesus died. Check out what it says.

Jesus Died For A Reason Jefferson City Assembly of God Church Sign – This is a church sign I passed on April 2, 2013. It is from the Jefferson City Assembly of God. The side you see here is what you see if you were to head into downtown Jefferson City.

Jesus Died for a reason; the reason was you

Jefferson City Assembly of God Church Sign - Jesus Died for a reason, the reason was you.
Jefferson City Assembly of God

The Reason Was You

Jesus did die for a reason was you. Jesus died for our sins to save us. Jesus won the victory over death and sin on the Cross. This was a free gift given to us, it cost God dearly. It cost God, His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. Will you accept this free gift that God given you or will you reject it? If you accept this free gift, you get eternal life in Heaven. If you reject this free gift, you will spend eternity in hell. Rejection of Jesus Christ, known as blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, is the only unforgivable sin. All other sin can be forgiven and cast into the Sea of Forgetfulness to be remembered no more as far as the East is to the West. I am thankful for that forgiveness given to me for accepting His Son.

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