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I am starting my Bachelors of Theology at Andersonville Theological Seminary. Learn more about what I am studying and track my progress too. #theology

Bachelors of Theology

I have been enrolled and working on my Bachelors of Theology at Andersonville Theological Seminary. Below is the info on this study, as taken from their catalog. As you may know I would like to work in youth ministry. I would also like to keep up with my blog ministry and work on social media ministry too. The good thing about this degree is that it is an on your own pace. Being a single father with custody that can come in handy. I wanted to finish within 2 years, but that didn’t happen. However, I do know some people can complete it in 2 years or less.

So please keep me in your prayers.  I know my pastor has taken classes here and plans to take more, plus another church member who is now a pastor graduated with his associates from here. (It has been three years now, I am still working on this degree).

Andersonville Theological Seminary (bumper sticker) - I am starting my Bachelors of Theology at Andersonville Theological Seminary
Andersonville Theological Seminary (bumper sticker)

About this program

The ThB program is a 120-semester hour program. Students may complete the program at their own rate of progress, with most students completing the program in approximately 1 to 2 years. Plus, the program is very accessible to both full-time and bi-vocational pastors, with every courses being available through Distance Education Formats. The program is presented through lectures on CD MP3 format and is designed for pastors and teachers who desire to understand the theological undergirdings of the Christian faith through study of key doctrines and biblical books. This ThB program is the most popular program for experienced pastors desiring an under-graduate degree through ATS and has an exceptional record of acceptance within the Christian world.

My Courses on CD at Andersonville Theological Seminary
My Courses on CD at Andersonville Theological Seminary


Course of Study

  • Old Testament Survey
  • Survey of Exodus – Grade A
  • Advanced James – Grade A
  • Personal Evangelism- Grade A
  • Systematic Theology
  • New Testament Survey
  • Survey of Hebrews
  • Doctrine of Sin – Grade A
  • Survey of Mark
  • Eschatology – Grade B
  • Survey of Leviticus
  • Survey of Joshua
  • Baptist Worship & Theology – Grade A
  • Survey of Luke
  • Life of Paul – Grade A
  • Doctrine of God
  • Homiletics
  • Psalms
  • Life of Christ
  • Apologetics – Grade A

I will also post my grades as well. So come back to check the status of my courses. After I complete this degree, I would like to continue and possibly get my Masters in Theology as well.

Most of the CD’s dubbed from their original cassette tapes. Some are more recent and done to CD.

It has been over 3 years, 2016, and I am still working on it. It is hard work to find time and sit down and work on the degree this way. But, I hope now to start getting them done. It takes a lot of self-discipline.

I hope to try to stay at it now that is has been three years. Keep me in your prayers on this study too.

Do you attend, plan to attend, have attended or graduated from Andersonville Theological Seminary. If so what degree? What did you think about the program?

List of my courses are based on my enrollment into Andersonville Theological Seminary. Classes may change based on enrollments years, etc. First published March 7, 2013. Updated with new grades, Last updated October 3, 2016.

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