What goes in your heart also comes out

What goes in your heart also comes out! It is very important that we guard what comes in our heart. Filter out the bad stuff. Like what we watch, read and listen to. Places we go and more. Using discernment. Making choices that you stick to now.

What goes in your heart also comes out

What goes in your heart also comes out

There is an old Saying want to know the real person bump into them and see what spills out. What ever we put in us comes out of us. Be on guard and protect your heart! We must decide now and stick to it. Set the standards now, not latter. When we set the standards now, we don’t compromise in heat or pressure. Check out Proverbs 4:32

The heart is what circulates blood through out the entire body. Located in the inner core of a person and caged in by ribs to protect it. You can tell God created the heart to be protected. God also wants us to guard our hearts too! Vital to the being of the person because without a working heart we are dead.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Lexicons of the verse


Your heart is your most center part of the body. It is one of the most crucial parts of the body too. According to the Lexicon #H3820, לֵב (leb). It tells us it is the inner part of a person. Responsible for feelings and intellect.


The word diligence, Lexicon #H4929, מִשְׁמָר (mishmar), is a place of confinement or a guard post.


The word Life, Lexicon #H2416, חַי (chay), means flowing or being alive.


Our hearts is a place where we confine things. Why Bible tells us to Hide His Word In our Heart so we don’t sin against God. See Psalms 119:11. You might have also heard this in The Pledge to the Bible.

What goes in your heart also comes out. With that being said, we must guard the things we watch and listen to, plus the things we do and where we go. What ever we do, watch, listen to and all comes into our heart. What comes into our heart must come of it too. Because our heart is what brings us life. Besides we shouldn’t follow our hearts because they are deceitful. (Check out that previous post).


I only watch faith based movies. Once in a while I’ll watch a family friend movie. I make sure it is a movie that won’t dishonor God, if it does by the content, I won’t watch it.


I also only listen to Christian music. So much of the secular music had bad lyrics in it and also brings shame to God. This includes the words being said on videos and movies we watch too. This goes hand and in with watching. You might be surprised in the change in you if you only listen to Christian Music and even only watch Faith-Based Christian Movies.


The Bible also tells us where our treasures, what we value the most, we will find in our hearts. See Matthew 6:21; Luke 12:34. Our hearts show us what we desire the most and what we spend the most time on is what we treasure! Do you treasure the things of God or the world? Remember what ever we put before God, becomes in idol. That can be a job, family, friend, money, objects, sports, etc.


I hope and pray that you fill your heart with the things of God. We must Hide the Words of God in our heart, so we don’t sin against Him. That is why studying the Word of God is important. Being in church and fellowship is also important. Plus, praying to God is very important too. Don’t forget! We must seek after Him and Him alone.


Don’t follow your heart 

First published June 20, 2016. Last republished or updated August 24, 2017.

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2 thoughts on “What goes in your heart also comes out

  1. Hi Steve, Here as promised! The Lord is good. This is what I express to my kids, “when your back is against the wall, you will come out fighting for the good or for the bad – This also include your language!” In this place, you will find your “TRUE” self. Hopefully, it will reflect the natural of God.

  2. That is true, also remember when we bump someone, that is often when the real person comes out. I am glad that God has my back. If God is for us, who can be against us. Thanks again for your comment.

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