Christian Music for 30 Days

Christian Music for 30 Days …

Christian Music for 30 Days

In 2012, K-Love and a few other Christian radio stations were doing a 30 Day Christian Music Challenge™. To challenge you to listen to nothing but Christian music for 30 days. It said also see if you notice a difference after the 30 days.

Christian Music for 30 Days - Music Notes

I have been listening to nothing but Christian music since the summer of 2012. That is when I removed all non-Christian songs from my iPod and iTunes including my daughters as well. I figured I would go all in with it from the start. It is the only genre of music I allow in my house and in my car to be played. I stand firm on this. I felt convicted about the secular music I was listening to, mostly Country.

I know it had made a big difference in my life. I know it helps motivate, encourage and uplift as well. You get to hear the message of God through songs. I think a lot of today’s secular music will make you think its okay to do things that go against the will of God. After listening to nothing but Christian Music for so long now and I hear a secular song when I am shopping or a place to eat, I am like wow! I am glad I don’t listen to that, that can give me the wrong ideas or have more fleshly desires for other stuff.

I have even got to meet several Christian Bands mostly local ones. It is an awesome experience getting to meet a lot of these musicians especially the local indie type ones.

I listen to Air1, I will listen to K-Love or even The Light, an Black Mountain, NC station I can pick up where I live. What station(s) do you listen to?

You can also go to Lifeway and purchase Christian Music CDs there. They often have $5 CD sales all the time.

Check out some Righteous Christian Rock Videos at Righteous Rock TV at

You can listen to K-Love, Air1 or any other Christian Radio stations, or even just Christian music on your iPod, iPhone, Smartphone or mp3 players.

I know if you make the switch you will notice a big difference too. If you have already taken this challenge, What changes have you seen in your life?

Maybe you don’t listen to radio but an iPod or mp3 player? Check out this post to help you find free Christian Music for your device.


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Christian Music for 30 Days

The Ministry Teaching This Principle

Al Menconi has been teaching the the principles of the 30 Day Christian Music Challenge since 1982. I encourage you to sing up for his FREE thirty day video devotional at his website: Those that sign up will receive a free 1-minute video devotional encouraging the Biblical value of Christian Music, immediately followed by a major Christian music artist. The purpose is to teach the value of Christian music and then immediately follow it with an example of quality Christian Music.

First published January 22, 2013. Last Republishing/Updated January 10, 2017.

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