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GrubHub Delivery Driver – I signed up to be a delivery driver for several popular food delivery apps. I share my experience with GrubHub. #GrubHub

They give you two nice big bags. They are thick. One seems more for pizzas. This one is my favorite one to use and deliver for. his will just be free flow writing.

So for this weeks Travel Thursday, I will have three blog post. These three are going to be about three of the popular food delivery apps. This is my experience from only doing this on Friday and/or Saturday for less than one month.

GrubHub Delivery Driver - I signed up to be a delivery driver for several popular food delivery apps. I share my experience with GrubHub.

I got two deliveries, when I wasn’t scheduled. Both of them ended up being at Red Robin. The app told me to make sure to ask for my free fry cup. Yes, drivers get a free fry cup from Red Robin. Both of my deliveries were within 2 miles of the restaurant, where I had to pick it up. I did however, deliver some that were under 10 miles too.

I also like how they show you how much you will make on each delivery before accepting them. But remember, rejecting deliveries could hurt you too.

Another good thing is, you don’t keep cash on you. The customers pays through the delivery service.

This one shows it delivers from only one restaurant in my city, Jefferson City. My near by town, Morristown, it gives a small handful. But, when I log into the app, it tells me to go to a busier area such as Knoxville. I am not sure how they get deliveries if they want us to go to Knoxville. One of the places they deliver from told me they stay busy with GrubHub. Maybe they need to do regions like DoorDash.

Of course, the driver can choose to accept or reject the delivery. Rejecting a delivery can hurt the ratings of a driver. Drivers often don’t make an hourly rate. They just get by on tips and the mileage.

With that said, a driver is more likely to accept the delivery with a bigger tip on it. Just saying. They are using their own car, gas, wear and tear. Getting very little on the delivery, unlike a Pizza Delivery Driver.

When you are not on the schedule and are able to deliver, then I believe you get the overflow. But, getting a schedule is hard and competitive on the app.

Every restaurant has a different preferred method for the pick up. Sometimes it is noted on the app. Taco Bell, will tell you when it is ready. They like it if you waited until you got that to come in to pick it up.

Sometimes, it may not be ready and you have to wait. I went to an iHop and it said it was ready, but I ended up waiting 30 minutes for the food.

You are a contracted person, that means 1099 and you pay your own taxes.

I am sure notifications are based on your location to the restaurant and the availability of you and other drivers.

I even had people put in the wrong delivery address. Sometimes it was next door or down the road.

I arrived at one restaurant to pick up an order and while I was there I got another offer for a delivery. What was cool is … it was for the same restaurant I was at. So I had to wait for both orders to be given to me. I then delivered to the first order,, followed by the second order.

I do believe this can be fun for extra cash. You can work when you want. That means you can start and stop when you want, as long as, you are not in the middle of a delivery.

I like GrubHub the best followed by DoorDash. I seemed to get more deliveries with GrubHub and I can sign in when I want to earn extra cash. DoorDash, it must be busy.

I do know, this has shown me places that I believe I would go eat. It also has shown my places I do not want to eat. Sometimes you get to go to the kitchen area of a restaurant.

I may update this blog post, as I gain more experience with delivering for them.

To sign up as a driver, simply go to their site and sign up. They will ask you for your information such as Driver License Number, Proof of Insurance, Etc. They will do a background check. What is interesting, is you don’t go through a job interview. Bite Squad, made you have a job interview. I haven’t delivered for them yet. (Currently do not offer a referral program)

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