Pizza Delivery Driver

I recently had a part-time job as a Pizza Delivery Driver to help supplement my income for a short while. Being a single parent raising a child is not easy and takes money. With just one income and not getting child support it can be tough to pay bills. So I am going to blog about my experience as a pizza delivery driver.

My experience as a Pizza Delivery Driver

I did this job for a few months earlier this year. I worked Monday and Tuesday after my main job and then I worked Friday and Saturday. Since I am off those days from my main job as a graphic designer.

Pizza Delivery Driver
Steve Pizza Delivery Driver

I got paid minimum wage in store, and a few dollars less an hour while on delivery. I do get to keep my tips plus I get so much per delivery as a mileage reimbursement, not as a tip, but as mileage reimbursement (Gas Allowance). Normally you could claim those on your taxes, but can’t because they give you a gas allowance. The delivery fee does not all go directly to the pizza delivery driver either a portion of it goes to the store and company itself. Some pizza companies don’t give the pizza delivery driver any of it. Some give a small portion of that delivery fee. So those big goose eggs with zero tips are not fun when you drive 9 miles to your home to deliver a $40 order, that includes four two liter sodas in that pizza delivery order.

Drivers know how don’t tip

The delivery drivers and the store employees all seem to know those who do not tip as well as those who tip well. Listening to the other pizza delivery drivers they seem to take their time to those who don’t tip at all. They rush the delivery on those that do tip well. Just some food for thought. I still don’t know who all tips well and who doesn’t, all but one. But, me personally, I treat them the same as if they did tip me. But that is just me, not all pizza delivery drivers do that! Just saying.

Also must people send their kids to answer the door for delivery, so they don’t have to face the pizza delivery driver when they plan to tip low or not at all. Just be a man or woman and come to door and man up or woman up to it, sorry I couldn’t tip you well or at all.

If you don’t have money to tip, don’t ask for delivery! Come in and pick up your pizza instead or don’t order out. Or if you have a big order, remove an item, like one of the sodas and use that money for the tip. Same applies when dining out, if you cannot afford to dine out, then don’t go!

Uses their own car

A Pizza Delivery Driver uses their own car, pay for their own gas, repairs and maintenance on car, includes tune ups, oil changes, tires, brakes, etc. They also must keep up with and pay for their own car insurance. They must also keep your car clean that means taking your car to car washes or washing it yourself if you have the means to do that . All these things do add up!

Also note those toppers on the car add wind resistance when driving and causes a decrease in gas mileage.

Don’t Tail Gate us!

Please don’t tail gate us! We may have to stop suddenly to find our destination to deliver the pizza. If you follow too close you might hit us!

Porch Light On

Make sure you turn your porch light on, it helps us to find your address much easier, especially when it gets dark. It also helps to have your street number on your house or mail box, it seems a lot of rural areas these are either missing or not noticeable in the dark.

Also just like most fast food restaurants pizza joints are understaffed and I always hiring people and they get by with the minimal employees at working.

Things to Consider

People seem to not tip when your pizzas or late but they don’t realize that sometimes the pizza joint is that a rush and I got tons of pizzas to make with very few workers at the restaurant. Plus there’s only so many pizzas I can go into the oven at a time. Your pizzas are going to queue system, once the next driver gets back then yours is up sometimes the driver has to do two or more deliveries while they are out.

Also remember sometimes those pizza people are supposed to get off at a certain time and because of a rush they can’t leave until pretty much are all caught up on that.

Sometimes you got to consider traffic conditions and even weather conditions. Please also consider how far you are from the pizza joint.

Pizza Places do get slammed at times too and with only a few workers or drivers that can delay your pizza.

Another thing to consider current gas prices prices are fluctuating here third down from what they used to be but the again the pizza delivery driver is responsible for their own gas. So they are putting gas in their own car to bring you that pizza that you don’t tip if you don’t tip.

Did you know

Did you know usually another driver brings your missing items, corrected pizza. When they do they get the lower amount pay, no mileage reimbursement or tip. So the another driver takes a loss doing that. Just something to think about as well.

If you no longer want your pizza call and let us know so we don’t waste a drivers time & mileage and everything else going out to deliver a pizza that’s not going to be delivered. Plus it can help save waist at the store too.

Enjoyed This Rather Easy Job

I enjoy doing this pizza delivery driver job, I get to meet all kinds of people. I get to talk to a lot of people, plus I don’t have to stay confined to the store that long, unless it is very slow at the store. Sometimes when it is slow you get sent out couponing (You put coupons on peoples cars in parking lots or doors at homes).

I do believe it is a rather easy job, just some of the inside work, can be stressful when you are in a rush. But overall, I enjoy doing this job as a part-time job. If you are looking for a part-time job, then you might want to considered working as a pizza delivery driver.

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  1. It is interesting to know that drivers will actually remember the people who tip well. This is a great thing to keep in mind if you want your food to come as quickly as possible. Thank you for sharing your information on what it was like to be a pizza delivery guy as well as your helpful tips.

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