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DoorDash Delivery Driver – I signed up to be a delivery driver for several popular food delivery apps. I share my experience with DoorDash. #DoorDash

They give you a small cheap bag. Any other bags you want, you must order and pay for them. This one is good to deliver for, but I do prefer another one. This will just be free flow writing.

So for this weeks Travel Thursday, I will have three blog post. These three are going to be about three of the popular food delivery apps. This is my experience from only doing this on Friday and/or Saturday for less than one month.

DoorDash Delivery Driver - I signed up to be a delivery driver for several popular food delivery apps. I share my experience with DoorDash.

I went to Dash when it was busy and not scheduled. I had to go to Blaze Pizza and deliver an order. At least the small bag, was big enough for the size pizza this person ordered. I didn’t have to travel far for the delivery either from the restaurant. I think most are near the restaurant, but I have had them up to 10 miles.

I like the fact that they tell you how much you will make for the delivery. I even get text messages saying when a market area is busy. In some cases in the busy markets, if you go to it, you could get $1.50 to $2.50 extra per delivery, per the text message.

Another good thing is, you don’t keep cash on you. The customers pays through the delivery service. However, they do give you a red card to use, just in case. But the company pays for it using that card.

Drivers often don’t make an hourly rate. They just get by on tips and the mileage. Of course, the driver can choose to accept or reject the delivery. Rejecting a delivery can hurt the ratings of a driver.

When you are not on the schedule and are able to deliver, then I believe you get the overflow. But, getting a schedule is hard and competitive on the app.

Every restaurant has a different preferred method for the pick up. Sometimes, it may not be ready and you have to wait.

You are a contracted person, that means 1099 and you pay your own taxes.

I am sure notifications are based on your location to the restaurant and the availability of you and other drivers.

I even had people put in the wrong delivery address. Sometimes it was next door or down the road.

Currently, you must be in a big city such as Knoxville, Chattanooga, Etc. to get some Dashes, known as deliveries. But, DashDoor is starting in these areas near me soon.

  • Jefferson City / Morristown – Starts April 24, 2019
  • Sevierville / Pigeon Forge – Starts April 24, 2019
  • Maryville / Alcoa – Started April 3, 2019
  • Lenior City – Starts May 8, 2019
  • Oak Ridge / Clinton – Started April 10, 2019
  • Greeneville – Starts June 19, 2019

I had a schedule Dash. When it came time for it. I couldn’t login to the Dasher app. I tried to reset the password. That didn’t work. I called the toll free support number. They did the same thing. That didn’t work. I later tried the online support. They relied they are having problems. I still was unable to sign in to do that schedule. Because I couldn’t sign in, it kicked me out and counted against me. That wasn’t even my fault. Well, at least, I still could do GrubHub.

I may update this blog post, as I gain more experience with delivering for them. I have only done several deliveries with them.

I like GrubHub the best followed by DoorDash. I seemed to get more deliveries with GrubHub and I can sign in when I want to earn extra cash. DoorDash, it must be busy.

My direct referral link:

To sign up as a driver, simply go to their site and sign up. Feel free to use my referral. They will ask you for your information such as Driver License Number, Proof of Insurance, Etc. They will do a background check. What is interesting, is you don’t go through a job interview. Bite Squad, made you have a job interview. I haven’t delivered for them yet. (Invite Code: Steven-Patterson-6937)

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