How to say God’s Not Dead In Other Languages

How to say God’s Not Dead In Other Languages – To help along the God’s Not Dead Movement and so we can share with people that speak another language, I used to translate God’s Not Dead into a variety of other languages. Yes, I know this tool is always accurate, but we get the jest of it. Join the movement, text everyone you know God’s Not Dead and also share on your social media sites that you are on. Below is how you say it in other languages if you know someone that speaks another language. Feel free to use resources like Free Translation to give you free online translations. We have a voice! Speak up! Sharing this is great way to witness.

God's Not Dead

Below is how you say God’s Not Dead in a variety of different languages. This way you can share the message and keep the movement going in other languages.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend you watch the movie!

How to say God’s Not Dead In Other Languages

French: Dieu est pas mort

German: Gott ist nicht tot

Greek: Ο Θεός είναι νεκρός

Ο Θεός είναι νεκρός

Hebrew: אלוהים לא מת

אלוהים לא מת

Italian: Dio non è morto

Polish: Bóg nie umarł

Russian: Бог не мертвой точки

Бог не мертвой точки

Spanish: Dios no ha muerto

Swedish: Gud är inte död

Turkish: Tanrı’nın Ölüler Değil

Tanrı'nın Ölüler Değil

Vietnamese: Chúa không chết

Now some people’s browsers may show these characters funny. I was not able to Chinese, Japanese, Koran, due to not having the fonts. So some of these may look funny to you on your browser and based on if you have the font or not on your device.

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14 thoughts on “How to say God’s Not Dead In Other Languages

  1. We are coming up on the Easter Season right now, what a great way to share with people that God is Not Dead. Jesus is alive. There is no bones about it. He arose from the dead to save us all.

  2. It is both, The movie, God’s Not Dead, has at end of how to spread the God’ Not Dead Movement. You text everyone you know or tell everyone you know that God’s Not Dead.

  3. French: Dieu est pas mort

    German: Gott ist nicht tot

    Greek: Ο Θεός είναι νεκρός

    Hebrew: אלוהים לא מת

    Italian: Dio è morto

    Polish: Bóg nie umarł.

    Russian: Бог не мертвой точки

    Spanish: Dios no ha muerto

    Sweedish: Gud är inte död

    Turkish: Tanrı’nın Ölüler Değil

    Vietnamese: Chúa không chết

  4. so many people I know have seen this movie and love it. I cant wait till it comes to my area and I can see it.


    The italian one is wrong.

    It should be “Dio NON è morto”

    “Dio è morto” means ‘God is dead’.
    And that’s not what we’re here for haha

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