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When We Fail It’s God’s Time to Shine church sign

Check out what this Loudon, TN church sign from Loudon United Methodist Church about God's Time to Shine and about failing and shining. #ChurchSigns

God’s Time (It is all about Him, His Will and His timing)

Here is another church sign, this church sign belongs to Loudon United Methodist Church in Loudon, TN. This photo was submitted by Sherry Bennett. Thanks for another great church sign picture!

Loudon United Methodist Church - Church Sign - Submitted by Sherry Bennett
The Church sign for Loudon United Methodist Church that talks about failing and shining.

This church sign reads …

When we fail, It’s God’s time to shine

God often uses our failures and storms to build us up. These often are to help us know we cannot do it without Him or to make us realize that He is the one in control. We often have to learn the hard way and God allows us the free will, but not free will to go against His will. He will correct us because He loves us. Often when we fail we feel we are in a dark place. The good news is God sent His Son, who is the light of the world.

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