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God’s Compass Review & Trailer

God’s Compass Review & Trailer.

God’s Compass Review & Trailer


GOD’S COMPASS demonstrates, the Lord’s universal Truth, that no matter what we faces in life there is a greater force, a greater wisdom that guides us when we follow God’s Plan for our life, our “True NORTH.”

After 3 years the Water’s family is still struggling with the loss of a devoted husband, ISAAC, for SUZANNE and a loving father to DAVID.

Healing comes to both through a miraculous encounter with a 16-year-old, ELI. A juvenile delinquent, Eli has been running from foster care and the law in order to stay together with his sister, NAOMI. Eli steals cars to make ends meet.

 The Waters and Eli’s lives first intersect when JESSICA, David wife and soon to be mother, is driving home from Suzanne Waters’ retirement party. Jessica suddenly pulls over in an abandoned side of town because she is having severe, premature contractions. Eli sees the BMW and decides to steal it, but when he breaks in, he discovers, Jessica. Faced with a decision, he chooses to risk his arrest by taking her to the hospital, saving her life and the baby’s.

At the hospital an officer recognizes Eli and arrests him, starting the journey that crashes his life into the Waters’ family.

Suzanne must trust God’s “Calling” and risk the security of her retirement. David faces a choice between family and advancing his career. Jessica needs to hold the grace that can only come from trusting God’s Will for her new born baby and Eli must stop running and accept that he deserves to be loved.

By following God’s direction Suzanne realizes there is no retiring in God’s Kingdom. She champions a path to help Eli, which will uncovers the miraculous blessing Isaac Waters never reveal before his passing. A strong bond forms between David and Eli, both having lost their fathers, which illuminates Isaac’s blessing, bring healing to the family and hope to Eli and Naomi.

The truth revealed brings the reassurance that our God has a plan for everyone’s life, our TRUE NORTH.

God's Compass

My Review

I think this was a great movie.  You will recolonize some in the cast including Karen Abercrombie, who played Miss Clara in War Room. This movie has a great story line of forgiveness and overcoming. It is also a story of love too. Not to mention about faith too. I believe this movie had a great solid story line and great acting too. The acting and graphics was great too. It is a movie, I would watch again and recommend people to watch. I did tear up a lot in this movie.

This movie also shows us that our timing may not be what we want, but God has the perfect timing for us and our paths. Made me almost believe I was right there in the middle of it watching it. It did hold my interest throughout the whole movie too. It makes you think, would you do the same thing? Makes you think maybe just someone showing someone some attention and may love can help bring them to a saving knowledge.

God’s Compass has won 5 Dove Awards. It is a family friendly movie. I do suggest that older children watch this. It may have senses that younger children may not understand about.

You can even watch this movie on DVD or even Pure Flix too.

Learn more about this movie at

Pure Flix Free Trial
I did this review on my own. I wasn’t given any DVD or anything for this review either. Pure Flix link is an affiliate link.

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