Interior Landscape Artificial Floral Arrangement Review

Interior Landscape Artificial Floral Arrangement Review –  Founded in 1974, Plantscape Inc. is a leading national interior landscape firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have over 40 years of experience in offering a diverse set of specialty services in landscape planning and design, landscape architecture, trees installation, plant service and maintenance programs and commercial décor. Their team of professionals has decades of experience in designing interior and outdoor landscapes using live plants and trees, especially tropical plants.1

Interior Landscape Artificial Floral Arrangement Review

I choose the Sunflower floral arrangement. I like sunflowers as they are almost similar to my favorite flowers, Black-Eyed Susan’s and both sunflowers and black-eyed Susan’s are in the daisy class.  One thing I like about the interior landscape artificial floral arrangement is that it won’t die. I do not have a green thumb at all. Having one of these it will last for a very long time and it looks real too.

Sunflower - Interior Landscape - Artificial Floral Arrangement


The artificial floral arrangement was snug in the box. It was also shipped in thick sturdy box. It was mounted on the inside of the box to prevent from moving around in the box. My package came undamaged too.

Time of Delivery

From what I remember, it took a while for the packaged to be delivered to me. I do know I waited awhile for it to come. It could also have been on back order and I had to wait for the arrangement to come back in stock before shipping out.

My thoughts

Over all, I liked the artificial floral arrangement. It looks like a real sunflower floral arrangement. The best part, like I mentioned above is it won’t die! I do not have to water it often like I would real products. Even the lady at my church over the decorating loved the arrangement and thought it was beautiful too. I am looking forward to seeing it one day on the alter or up front at the church one service in the future.

Sunflower - Interior Landscape - Artificial Floral Arrangement


The only downside to having something artificial for interior landscape purposes is it is a dust collector. With that being said, You will have to make sure to keep it clean. I guess either you have to water a real plant often or dust an artificial arrangement. I think I would rather stick to dusting it off.

Products Offered

Plantscape Inc offers a variety of interior landscaping product needs such as trees, flowers, plants and more. You can even get custom-made products too.

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I was given a free artificial floral arrangement for this unbiased review. I donated the floral arrangement to our church for sanctuary decoration too.
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