Give ’em the Vol! The University of Tennessee Vols Hand Signal

Give ’em the Vol! is  for all the Tennessee Vols fan that are out there like me that their blood runs orange. This is a hand signal that I was told is used by the Drum Major before the University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Band Plays “Rocky Top”. (But as you see a story below, a man, Stan Smartt, said he came up with it).

I remember this from the University of Tennessee Vol Guide from The Knoxville Journal. I once worked as a graphic designer and as an art director for The Knoxville Journal.

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Give ’em the Vol!

I think this is neat because with your hands you can spell out “Vol”. 

No this don’t really relate to my “Christian theme” but I am hoping that it could help lead others to visit my blog and read about Christianity. But, we all know most of us, even as Christians have favorite sports teams etc.

Give 'Em The Vol
Give ‘Em The Vol image

We cannot allow our sport team to come before God! It is okay to have a favorite sport team, but it is not okay to put that team before God. Remember God is always first! Check out this blog post: football vs church

Check out the experiences I have had at Neyland Stadium. I share three different sides, Fan, Security and Media.

All check out the tid-bits about the University of Tennessee.

Tennessee Vol Fans 2006-07 Spots Guide

Below is the copy as printed in the Knoxville Journal’s City Guide for the Tennessee Vol Fans 2006-07 Sports Guide. This article was written by Lauri Lee Claxton. (The Knoxville Journal, I worked as a graphic designer and art director). This publication won 4th place in the Tennessee Press that year. The Knoxville Journal is also no longer operating.

You can give ’em the ‘Vol’

by Lauri Lee Claxton

UT football fans can now join other schools like Texas, Florida and New York that have hand signals to support their team.

The new hand signal, the ‘Vol’ is the idea of UT graduate Stan Smartt.

Smartt developed the idea in 1998, while watching football one Saturday afternoon.

“I was watching football games one afternoon, and I noticed that the crowd would hold up a finger as if to say ‘we’re number one.”

Stan Smartt, UT graduate Stan Smartt

He said he wanted there to be a way to distinguish Big Orange fans from other fans.

“Regardless of who you are, this signal will identify you as a UT Vol.”

Stan Smartt, UT graduate Stan Smartt

Smartt has been working on spreading the idea to fans and UT officials for four years.

He showed his idea to the UT cheerleaders in hopes that they would start using using the signal and fans would catch on, and said he noticed a few cheerleaders doing the ‘Vol’ at the Wyoming game on August 31, 2002.

The signal is made using the left hand. Use the index and middle fingers to form a ‘V’ and then use the thumb and ring finger to form an ‘O’ and point the pinky finger straight up to form an ‘L’.”

Smartt said he does not expect to receive any royalties or other compensation for his idea. He just wants to give something back to the university.

“Hopefully this will have a spirited reaction — and be en encouragement to support our athletic teams and a symbol of pride in our school.”

Stan Smartt, UT graduate Stan Smartt

First published September 14, 2013. Last republished October 16, 2022. #GoVols #VFL #Vols #TenneesseeVols #UTK #RockyTop #gobigorange #tennesseefootball

So does your favorite sport team have a hand signal like this?

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