Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters – Standing up for your faith in what you believe in that’s a freedom fighter. It seems like our freedoms are slowly being taken away as Christians. It’s getting to where we can pray are radar Bible in schools are in public or work. Our Constitution protects our right saying that we have a freedom of religion just the same the non-Christians have a freedom from religion. But they’re the ones that take it all rights away where we can’t freely worship.

Freedom Fighters

There are many that want to make it freedom from religion. Making it that we cannot practice religion. However, the constitution tells us we have a freedom of religion. This includes your choice to choose no religion. But because you choose no religion, doesn’t make it right for you to take the rights away of those who do have religion.

Freedom Fighters

That is why we need men and women to stand up for our rights and freedoms of religion. As Christians, we need to not be ashamed and be bold and stand firm on our belief in Christ. We cannot deny Him, or He will deny us before the Father.

Check out the Movie Last Ounce of Courage about a Mayor standing up for his rights in his town.

Last Ounce of Courage Standing Up for Our Freedoms

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