Last Ounce of Courage Standing Up for Our Freedoms

Last Ounce of Courage Movie Poster
Last Ounce of Courage Movie Poster

Last Ounce of Courage is a movie about

standing up for our freedoms. I really enjoyed this movie. I admit I cried watching it. I love how this town took a stand to bring Christmas back and to try bring back religious rights.

We need to stand up for our freedoms before they are taken away from us. We all need to unite in one accord. Our Christian rights are slowly being taken away. If we don’t act now we won’t have any. We may end up just like this town, even worse whole nation. It don’t take much to stand up but courage. Together we can unite and have a say.

Non-Christians are standing up, while we Christians are sitting there allowing it to happen. Why be silent and let them have all the say. Don’t be afraid for God is with us!

Examples of things being taken away.

  • Prayer in schools
  • Bibles in schools
  • Schools ban Bible quotes, references, etc. in essays & speeches
  • 10 Commandments being taken out court houses
  • Most places make you say Happy Holidays*, instead of Merry Christmas.
  • US Air Force taking God out of their pledge to joining the service
  • Plus numerous more …

*btw Holidays means Holy Days – I am sure it is a matter of time before they change that.

I am more worried about offending God, than I am offending man. After all He is the the one we have to answer to at Judgement Day? Our Heavenly Father, God our Creator.

The time to be silent ends now.

Let me ask you this … Would you still go church even if it was illegal and you face jail time? Say the cops were at your church waiting for those to show up. Would you still go?

Are you gonna stand up for God or deny Him? Bible is clear if we deny Him we too will be denied. See Matthew 10:33

It’s time to take a stand!

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