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Find Your Birth Year using the Number of Books in the Bible

Find Your Birth Year using the Number of Book in the Bible – A graphic I saw on Facebook and it worked for me, does it work for you?

Find Your Birth Year using the Number of Books in the Bible

First of all you must know the total number books of the Bible. If you do not know the answer to that, then the answer is 66.

Steps to follow

  1. Take the number of the books of Bible.
  2. Subtract your age (the age that you will be in 2017 – Or in the the current year we are in)
  3. Add 53 (this will change based on the year, see below)
  4. Did you get the year you were born in?

One thing to note, I noticed it must be the age you will be in 2019, not your current age, so if you haven’t had your birthday yet, put how old you will be on your birthday in 2019.

2019 - Find Your Birth Year using the number of Books in the Bible.


There are 66 books and I will be 43 years old in 2019. So the answer now is 23. I then add 53 to that number and I get 76. I was born in 1976.

We will do the same for my daughter. There are 66 books, she will turn 21 in 2019. That would give you 46. You then ad 52. That would give 98. She was born in 1998.

I wanted to try this. How about someone 2 years old or so. Take 66 minus 2. That is 64. We add 53 and get 117. So now you see we have a three digit number instead of a two digit. But if you think about it, in 2019 someone two years old would be be born in 2017. If you notice the number 117, it has 17 in it. So you would only use the last two digits in that case. (Those 0 to 19 or anyone that gets three digits.)

Did this work for you?

2019 - Find Your Birth Year using the number of Books in the Bible Printable Version



What to add in following years

In 2020, you would need to change the number you add. For example in 2020, you would need to add 54 to get the same number.

Future Numbers

  • 2020 (add 54)
  • 2021 (add 55)
  • 2022 (Add 56)
  • 2023 (Add 57)
  • 2024 (Add 58)
  • 2025 (add 59)
  • Etc.

Past Numbers

Updated Graphic each year.
First Published October 25, 2016. Last Republished/Updated January 7, 2019.

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