Family Prayer of the Day

Family Prayer of the Day – today’s prayer focuses on family. #Family #PrayeroftheDay

Family Prayer of the Day

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Dear Heavenly Father,

Today this prayer focuses on family. That can be my own family, families around me and even my church family. I pray that you protect them, guide them and use them for your glory.

If anyone in my family circle doesn’t know you, that you use someone to share the gospel so that they will inherit eternal life too. Even let us be bold to witness to our family that doesn’t know you.

We thank you for our family that you gave us!

In Jesus Name,


This is just one of the topical prayers of the day that I plan to publish. Make sure to follow Courageous Christian Father for more prayers of the day. If you have a topical idea for a prayer of the day, feel free to share in the comments and/or contact me. If there is anything I might be able to add to this prayer, feel free to share that in the comments as well.

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Family Prayer of the Day
Article Name
Family Prayer of the Day
Family Prayer of the Day - today's prayer focuses on family. #Family #PrayeroftheDay
Steve Patterson
Courageous Christian Father
Courageous Christian Father

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