Pot Filled with Gold

Filled with Gold

When a pot is broken the The Japanese will join or mend the pieces together with gold. It actually makes the mended broken piece worth more money. Basically they are joining the pieces with gold. This art form is called kintsukuroi. This artwork repairs the pot and adds to keep the history of the pot. It also makes the pot no longer disgusting from the broken state.

Pot Filled with Gold
Broken Pot Filled with Gold image

Gold is a pure and precious metal.  Can you imagine if all kings horses and all the kings men used gold to put Humpty Dumpty together?

God does a similar thing to us. He fills our broken pieces with Jesus. Jesus is His Son who is very precious to Him and us. Jesus is the one that fills that void and restores us. That precious blood of Christ is what restores us anew.

In order to be restored we must be a child of God or come to be a child of God by accept His Son Jesus Christ. We must also repent of our sin. Repentance is key! Without repentance we cannot be mended or made anew.

God is the only one, that fill us with His Son. Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Work, Money, Etc. will not fill those cracks in our life. Only God Can! Those golden filled cracks show that we face life and God restores us. It can serve as reminder that God always provides and takes care of us. That will always continue to provide and take care of us.


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