Escape by Nostalgia

Escape by Nostalgia, a Rock Solid Christian Rock Band! I learned of this band also from Righteous Rock T.V.

Lyrics for Escape

You think you’re headed for the top,
But you’re going down.
You’re caught in the hidden struggle.
There’s no middle ground.
You don’t know which way you should go.
You don’t want to choose.
Take a stand. Reach for God’s hand.
Or else you’re gonna lose.
From the trap you’re caught in.
From the web of lies.
The love of Jesus Christ.
He was the sacrifice.
You were born on a one way street,
Headed straight for hell.
You have got to take this exit,
For all to end well.
Still you say, “I’ll make my own way”.
“I’m not a bad guy”.
Christ died for you. What will you do?
You know it’s no lie.
All your life you’ve lied to yourself,
Saying you’re alright.
Wishing you had someone to dry,
Your tears in the night.
God sent His Son to be the one,
That you could talk to,
Accept Him today. Get down and pray.
He’s waiting on you.

Lyrics from Reverbnation. Lyrics used by permission from Brian Dale Rainsberger. #Escape #Nostalgia

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Author: Steve Patterson

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