Don’t criticize Peter for sinking

Don’t criticize Peter for sinking in the water. Remember the other disciple stayed on the boat!  Will you step out for Jesus? Or will you stay in the boat?

Don’t criticize Peter for sinking

In an older blog post, Man Walks On Water, part of the Bible Stories of the Sea. I talk about how a man, named Peter who walked on water to meet Jesus. You can read more about that in the blog post Man Walks On Water. It has been awhile since I did a Bible Story of the Sea, so I figured since this dealt with the sea I will add it to the Bible Stories of the Sea series.

Don’t criticize Peter for sinking

Criticizing others

Too often we criticize other Christians for the way they do things. We even criticize Peter for stepping out of the boat, but why? Did you know it took faith for Peter to do that? he trusted Jesus! He was able to walk on water, when He kept his eyes on Jesus. But as soon as he took his eyes off, he began to sink. That is key, keeping our eyes on Jesus and not the situation.

Often we criticize others because they do things differently than we do. Is the way we do things essential to salvation? Another thing to think about … is criticizing edifying your fellow brother or sister?

Man walks on water

Stayed on the Boat

The Bible tells us the other men stayed in the boat. I am sure they thought Peter was mad or crazy for what he did. None of them put their faith or trust in Jesus in the middle of the sea like that. I am not saying those men didn’t have any faith, just saying they didn’t have enough faith to step out at that situation.

Those men didn’t get out of the boat, so really they couldn’t say anything to Peter for sinking. Just the same, we cannot say anything to Peter because too often we are not getting out of the boat! No matter our storm or situation we are faced with, we must get out of the boat and trust Jesus!

Bible Stories of the Sea


This also reminds me of a situation that happened to DL Moody.

DL Moody was told by a woman “I Don’t like the way you do evangelism.” He responded with “I rather don’t care for it myself, tell me; how do you do evangelism?” She said “Well I don’t.” He replied “Well madam, I rather prefer the way I do evangelism versus the way you do not do it.”

Don’t like the way I evangelize


Are you willing to get out of the boat and trust Jesus? Will you be willing to do what He says to do. Or will you just sit and stay on the boat.


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