Mess + Age = Message

Mess + Age = Message God turns our mess and our age (time) into a message. That message becomes our testimony.

Mess + Age = Message


Our mess, or our past is a mess before Christ. We are sinful. We mess up all the time. No one is perfect, but Christ! Only Christ can clean up our mess. We cannot do anything to clean it up. That is why we are covered by the precious blood of Christ. His precious blood is what covers us to cleanse us.

Mess + Age = Message


Plus our age, or known as time, can help us. With time we mature and learn more and more. As we age in the knowledge of Christ we can begin to share more and more. God will keep showing us stuff we need to work on and things we need to share with others.


Together it makes a message known as our testimony. How Christ saved us from our life of mess. Our time on Earth gives us chances to share our testimony.  Every person we come in contact with is a chance to share. Every Christian should be able to share their testimony. It is very simple … Share what your life was like before Christ. Then share what your life has been like since Christ.

Every born again Christian has a testimony that must be shared! We cannot keep it to ourselves. We must share it with others!

You can say Mess + Age = Message or even Message = Mess + Age they are the same thing, just like in addition where 1 + 2 = 3 and 3 = 1 + 2.

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