Dead End

In this post on the Road Signs of the Bible, I want to talk about the Dead End sign. I got this from the other day, my mom was watching the faith-based movie Unconditional. In that movie there’s a quote that says …

“It ain’t a dead end if it takes you somewhere you needed to go”

Dead End - Road Signs of the Bible
Dead End – Road Signs of the Bible image

So we all know that Dead Ends when we drive, is a spot where the road will no longer proceed or take you further. You will have to turn around and go back the direction you came.

According Merriam-Webster a dead end means lacking opportunities especially for advancement or lacking an exit.

Sometimes, God will take us down that type of road to show us that we needed Him and we must turn around and go back the way we came. Then proceed the correct way and allowing God to guide us on the correct path.

Other times, we may come to the dead end area because that is where God wants us to be. He put us there for a plan and purpose. Just like the quote from the movie, “It ain’t a dead end if it takes you somewhere you needed to go.”

If it is somewhere you need to go then God has a plan and purpose for it. You must choose to follow with it and do it. Allow God to use you where he landed you.

I am sure it was like the time when Moses was leading the people out of Egypt to the promise land and they came to what they thought was a dead end and God performed a miracle and showed them the path didn’t end there.

Sometimes what seems to be a dead end is just the beginning!


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