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Does Your Ministry See You or Christ?

In your ministry field does people see you or do they see Christ? Is your focal point on you or is it on Christ? It is less of you and more of Christ!

Do you do kingdom work for God?

If you do, do the folks you are trying to reach see you or Jesus?

Does Your Ministry See You or Christ?

Does Your Ministry See You or Christ?

Do you post or share a lot of pictures of you or do you share pictures or meme of Biblical things?  If you are posting a lot of pictures of you, It almost seems as if you are trying to bring attention to you and not Jesus Christ. I am not just talking about taking selfies, but I mean showing a lot of pictures of you. Instead focus on others and memes instead.

Yes, include your ministry name, logo, contact info and website. But, not let it take the focus off of Christ. Everything should involve around Christ. It is a Christ-centered relationship that we must have. We must put Christ first in all things.

Do you let the ministry be all about Him? Do you boast about what you have done in the ministry? Jesus is and should be first in everything. This includes your ministry work. We are the messenger for Christ, we shouldn’t be seen, only Christ should be seen.

Do you promote yourself in the ministry or do you  promote Christ in the ministry? We should be promoting Christ through our ministry so that others can come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. Our main goal in doing Kingdom work is promoting the Kingdom of God.

In all we do should point to Him. It should all be about Him. Everything should revolve around Him. Jesus should be the focal point of it all. It is less of you and more of Christ! Let the ministry focus on Kingdom Work and point others to Christ for salvation.

Do not let people believe the focus is on you in the ministry. Remember we cannot do anything without the help of God.

Just another note, it is not your ministry, but God’s ministry. He is just using you to further the Kingdom of God. God will always provide the means and the funds needed for it. It might not seem like it, but He will provide what is needed, not wanted.

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