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Come, Lord Jesus Come by Shai Linne

This is the song Come,Lord Jesus by Christian Theological Rapper Shai Linne. I am also sharing the lyrics to this song. This song features Joint Heirs. Lyrics written by Shai Linne.

I am glad my buddy, Pastor Justin Breeden, introduced me to Shai Linne. I first learned of him on my way to the Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference in 2016. Shai Linne sticks true to scripture in his lyrics. I consider him a theologian rapper.

Shai Linne is an American East Coast Christian rapper. Shai Linne has been collaborating with other Christian Rap artists and releasing studio albums since 2002. As of 2005, Shai Linne has recorded studio albums under the Lamp Mode Records label.1

I actually enjoy listening to his songs, you can learn a lot from them. I encourage you to listen to his songs and reflect on the lyrics as they are Biblically based lyrics.

Below is the lyrics to this song. This song is on the lines of Eschatology, the study of the end of times.

Come, Lord Jesus Come Lyrics

Verse 1

Behold, the Lord appears in the sky
Come, Lord Jesus, come!
His majesty seen by every eye
Come, Lord Jesus, come!
The sun goes dark and the moon won’t shine
The stars fall down, see the heavenly sign
The trumpet sounds for the very last time
Come, Lord Jesus, come!


Come, Lord Jesus, come (2x)
Come quickly, Lord! (call and response 4x)

Verse 2

Glorified saints shall all be amazed
Come, Lord Jesus, come!
The dead in Christ shall rise from their graves
Come, Lord Jesus come!
God has arrived and the universe shakes
The dawn of the age to come now breaks
Satan and his angels tossed in the lake
Come, Lord Jesus, come!


Verse 3

Lo and behold, it’s the Great White Throne!
Come, Lord Jesus, come!
The earth ran away, and the skies have flown!
Come, Lord Jesus, come
Books opened up ‘cause the Judge is true
All shall receive what is justly due
Who can escape from death number two?
Come, Lord Jesus, come!


Verse 4

All the elect gather ‘round their Christ
Come, Lord Jesus, come!
See our names in the Lamb’s book of life
Come, Lord Jesus, come!
Death swallowed up- triumph of the King!
Where is your victory? Where is your sting?
“Worthy is the Lamb” is the song we’ll sing
Come, Lord Jesus, come!


Come Lord Jesus Come - Shai Linne Ft. Joint Heirs

I plan to share more of Shai Linne’s songs here on Courageous Christian Father. Make sure you follow this blog so you won’t any future blog post.
1. WikiPedia
2. Lyrics Compliments of Lampmode.

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