Arrested for going to Church
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Arrested for going to Church

Arrested for going to Church: Would you go to church knowing if you arrived you would be arrested on the spot?

Freedom is not Free Church Sign
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Freedom is not Free

Freedom is not free, this church sign is a reminder that freedom is not free. There is always a cost to freedom. #Freedom

Vacation from Church
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Vacation from church?

Vacation from church: When you go on vacation from work and get away, do you take a vacation from church too? Do you find a church while on vacation?

Killed for being Christian
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Killed for being Christian

Killed for being a Christian: Would you gladly stand up and say you are a Christian and face being put to death or would you deny Christ and live?

Back Row Baptist
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Back Row Baptist

Are you a back row baptist? Do you sit in the back of the church? Do you sit in the same pew each service? I wrote this to give you some food for thought.