Back Row Baptist

We all joke around about Baptist always sit in back. I kind of wondered and pondered why that is. That wondering give me the idea to get you some food for thought. Now I am sure it is not just Baptist, but usually when you hear of Back Row and church, you hear “Back Row Baptist.”

Back Row Baptist
Back Row Baptist

One theory I have is because they’re closer to the exit and want to be the first to leave. Now, this is just a theory, not proven or saying that it is true.

Another theory is by them sitting in the back, they can see everything? Maybe they like to keep an eye on things. Know whats going on around them. What everyone else is doing?

I do know another reason, is because some are handicapped or unable to walk that much. So it is easier for them to get in and out of church.

In the picture in this blog post, I posed in the back row of my church, Piedmont Baptist Church.  I don’t sit toward the back, I am more more middle, but closer to front, usually. We only have left & right side, no center section at our church. I try to sit in different spots at times. Usually I sit on one side for morning worship and I sit on the other side for evening worship.

I also wonder we usually sit in the same pew each service. We as humans are creatures of habit. But, I also wonder if it goes back from when we were in elementary school. We had assign seats, so we got use to sitting in the same spot each time.

I encourage you, break it up. Sit in different spots each. Move closer to the front if you sit in the back. You just might get a new perspective of something by sitting in a new spot and not following your same routine.

Have you thought about maybe sitting in a different place in the church for a change. Maybe instead of sitting in the back seat, sit in the front. Or instead of on the right side, sit on the left or the center if you have a center.

Maybe we sit in the same pew each service to be comfortable? Maybe that comfort secures us. I challenge you to sit in another pew this service. Maybe you will feel the Holy Spirit in a whole new way.

So what are your ideas of people sitting in the back why do you think they do? Or also whats your ideas of why people sit in the same pew service after service?

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2 thoughts on “Back Row Baptist

  1. i sit in back row cause i have post tramatic stress disorder, for short ptsd . Its hard for me to be around people. So the back seat is a place for safey for me. i love God and he helped me in alot of ways. U asked for some reasons. those are mine

  2. I set in the back because i delight in seeing our church praise and worship and fellowship together. It’s awesome to witness the presence of the spirit story up in us, and rest in us. I love to see families and couples and friends and individuals being loving and just human, well you get it. …people watching…. But mainly to get the whole picture, as the pastor would from the other side i suppose, only better with faces! Also it gives more insight into the Holy Spirit working amongst us. It provides more time for me, to have deliberate “ pay attention” for God during service, because I’m the only one on that bench, while making fellowship intentional as well and set apart.
    Stuff like that,

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