Arrested for going to Church

Arrested for going to Church

The way the country seems to be running it seems like they’re slowly removing our Christian rights. My question is if a law is passed  saying it’s illegal for you go to church how many people would still show up to church? I mean honestly say they will. I know at times, we will say we will but do something different.

Arrested for going to Church
Arrested for going to Church

How about if they knew the police were there to arrest you if you showed up how many people would still show up? Would you not be ashamed and still go to the church knowing soon, you will be cuffed, finger printed and behind bars? Serving hard times?

Well, in America we are free to worship, but in other countries, this does happen. How about if you were a Missionary in a foreign land? Take Pastor Saeed Abedini, who was locked up for his faith. He is in torture in that prison in Iran. I would say it would take strong faith to be able to stand up like that and continue to keep strong in your faith while being locked up.

Or would you cower away and pretend that you didn’t go to church. Would you be like Peter denying Jesus? Would you reject knowing Christ or the Church?

I honestly pray and hope that I will be bold and show up. I am not ashamed of the Gospel. If I do go, be bold to witness and share the gospel in the jail as well. Even if they put me in isolation, to boldly continue my faith in Christ. I know that God will take care of me. I don’t mind losing my life for Him. Losing your life may not mean death, but giving up what you are doing to benefit his Kingdom. Losing your life, not doing what you want, but what He wants.

It’s like landing on the GO TO JAIL spot on the Monopoly game. But unlike that one, we can’t roll doubles to get out of jail for free. Would you be ashamed or would you gladly go and not be ashamed.

I want to leave you with this food for thought in this blog post brief. … If we’re ashamed of Jesus Christ, He will be ashamed of us. This comes from scripture too.  Read Mark 8:38 & Luke 9:26

I want to hear from you. Do you think you would show up for church knowing you will be arrested? Do you see in the future that this could possibly happen? I want to hear from you. Your comments are welcome!

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6 thoughts on “Arrested for going to Church

  1. @Steve Patterson I don’t think the two are connected. I’m what they call an “unchurched believer”. While I do assemble with other Christians, I don’t go to a traditional “church”. If “going to church” means showing up at a building registered with the government as a designated assembly place for worship then I would say that @Ray Medeiros is correct. The 1st century Christians gathered in homes or in public places. There is no scriptural example of Christians gathering in the way that we 21st century Christians typically gather. If the government passed a law stating that it was illegal to hold Christian assemblies at all I guarantee that your hypothetical would pan out quite differently. The better question would be to ask, “If the government outlawed Christian gatherings altogether, how many would still gather/assemble with other Christians in their community?” I would venture that the outcome of that kind of law would be quite different than if you asked what you did which was “would you still ‘go to church”?’. If you simply mean “would you still assemble with other Christians?” then that would garner a completely different response.

  2. chad2 We as the body of Believers, make up the church. Where ever we are assembled together, building, home, office, work, streets, resturant, etc. That is where the church is. The body of believers is the church.

  3. ChristianBlogR chad2 Right. So in your hypothetical there would be no way to keep the Church from assembling. And “going to church” would out of necessity have to change. I wouldn’t die for a building or for the privilege to assemble in a building. But I would risk my life to assemble with other Christians by other means. We can’t keep thinking of “going to church” in the way we traditionally think of it. Some would needlessly give up their lives for the sake of a building forgetting that the people are the Church and not the building. As it stands if the government began persecuting the Church we would be making it VERY easy for them to find and destroy us. But if we met in simple homes in our communities it would make it extremely difficult for them to find us. The faithful will always gather regardless of the amount of persecution. Personally I can’t wait for the day when the government strips 501(c)3 status away from religious organizations. It would be the best thing to happen to the Church in a long time.

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